Mandela Effect: South Pacific – Tiny, Congested Islands, Part 2

Video from Nov. 2016. See my last post for Part 1.

I found tons islands between India Saudi Arabia and in Mediterranean like that with moscs – Jodi Cartrett

paracel islands are blacked out by google maps currently. – BurnedBySound

that first new town makes no sense why would they build there if they get a high tide it will flood them wtf – Brent Guglielemencci


YT description: UPDATE with new evidence, discussing the concepts of sea level rise and fishing shacks…. This MUST STOP. There is a WAR on for our Reality . Island of Sulawesi off the coast city of Makassar.

Title: Mandela : UPDATE : CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY PT2 : Effect (YT link) Uploaded by Nobleness Dee.


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