Mandela Effect: Hercules Murdered His Children, Now Bisexual!

We are talking two very different categories here, regarding the mythological and Marvel Comics version of Hercules.

Mythology: I have studied the Greek / Roman myths extensively. In my recollection, Hercules was asked to go on a quest by Zeus. As a sun god, each of his 12 labors was based on an astrological sign. I studied mainstream versions of the myths, however. It is possible that there are more gruesome fables, but they were sanitized of their more violent themes so that regular people can happily read them. I have also found discrepancies in the Viking myths, for example, where we get the same sort of whitewashing.

Marvel Comics revisionism: Tell me, did I or did I not call it?

Mark my words, we will soon be reading a Disney / Marvel comic book featuring Tranny Boy, and we will soon be given new, androgynous, bisexual or pedophile gods to believe in, probably in the form of pop stars like Madonna, Jay-Z or Bieber, all brought to us by the same, small group of puppet masters that have been leading us around by the ears ever since the time of early Babylon. – from my article published on July 28, 2017, full article in revising mythologies below:

Protesting A Female Dr. Who Is Sexist? by Raymond Towers


YT description: Yeah…Need your help on this one for sure. I can’t totally recall the first one: Hercules murdering his family, but I’m pretty damn sure I would have known that Hercules is Bisexual!

This bisexuality just adds to what I’ve been saying the past videos…that the world is getting nicer, friendly, peaceful…I know I know…there is still pain and war and rape and… Baby steps.

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Hercules Link:…

Title: Mandela Effect: HERCULES Murdered His Children…and is NOW BISEXUAL!!! (YT link) Uploaded by Lone Eagle.


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