United States: Grant Stinchfield Rant On New Hildabeast Book

This guy is still on placebo level. Either that or he is controlled opposition. Everything he is saying has been on mainstream Fake News outlets. No mention of the real story on Benghazi weapons smuggling, corruption and child trafficking in Haiti or info on stuff released by Wikileaks. He doesn’t even bring up Pizzagate or the Clinton Body Count. This guy sucks balls and so does the politically correct NRA.


YT description: Hillary Clinton announced the title of her upcoming book, “What Happened.” Grant Stinchfield saves everyone the anguish of having to read about the Russians, the FBI, the sexism, the unfair treatment by the media, and every other excuse America’s biggest loser will come up with. And he gives Hillary an education on exactly why she lost the election to President Donald Trump. Read the full transcript below. (On the YT page.)

Title: Grant Stinchfield Tells Hillary Clinton What Happened (YT link) Uploaded by NRA.


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