Ancient Hawaii: Cousins Across The Sea (Alaska To New Zealand)

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YT description: New information lends further veracity to the legend and completes the Skeletons in the Cupboard Trilogy.

Title: Cousins Across The Sea. NEW! updated 2017 (YT link) Uploaded by Gabi Plumm.

Ancient Hawaii: Cousins From Across The Sea – (2017) 5 stars

Run time: 58 minutes. Notes:

1:40 – The official narrative tells us the Hawaiian Islands have been inhabited only since 1300 CE. Native lore tells of arrival around 0 CE.

5:00 – Native lore states the original Hawaiian people came from Alaska. The story goes that Hawaii was inhabited until a great tsunami occurred. The islanders fled to Alaska, and later returned. Alaska is about 4000 miles away from Hawaii.

10:20 – The documentary crew travels to Haida Gwaii, in Alaska. Note that Hawaii and Gwaii both mean ‘homeland.’ Mainstream archeologists ignore similarities between native Alaskans, Hawaiians and New Zealanders.

12:00 – Note the story of Chief Nu’u, who survived a great flood or tsunami in a royal canoe, along with his three sons and their wives. This chief was the original founder of Hawaii.

13:00 – Chief Nu’u, his wife and his three sons are verified by a historian from Moloka’i, Hawaii. The genealogy traces back to 200 BCE.

13:30 – Geneticists date the arrival of Eastern Polynesian DNA to 200 BCE.

18:00 – Bird figures, bone clubs, canoe bailers, hand moles with stirrups, poi pounders, hair combs, harpoon heads, pump drill weights, stone clubs, bark beaters, bark shredders and bark baskets show similarities among the three cultures.

22:30 – Earth ovens are similar.

24:00 – The three cultures share genetic birthmarks on the lower back, place names and voyager stories. People followed bird migration patterns to return to their place of origin. One species of bird flies from Canada to New Zealand every year.

31:10 – Green Nephrite stone was highly sought after by the Maori of New Zealand and the Haida of Alaska. It was used to make artifacts such as fighting clubs, fish hook pendants and hair adornments. Note that Chinese culture also prized the stone and made similar artifacts circa 4000 BCE.

36:30 – An elder from Hawaii states that before the sun and sky, the color of the world was copper or golden. A Haidi legend talks of the sky and earth being the same color. A deity or creature creates a separation between land and sky. In New Zealand, the great Father Sky and Mother Earth were locked in an embrace until the gods separated them.

39:00 – A possible reason for a dusty or ashy ice cover is presented as a comet striking the Alaskan ice shield. This is dated to 11,000 BCE. Note that this is a very important time period for the upheaval, ice age and cataclysmic doom in many cultures. This is when many of the monolithic civilizations were wiped out.

39:15 – Repopulation of the Americas begins at 10,000 BCE, by East Asian peoples.

44:00 – Hawaiian Mother Goddess Hina is associated with Sumerian Moon Goddess Inanna. The original Hawaiian people were called the Mu people.

47:30 – Reference is made that the original Polynesians came from the Pleiades star system. A submerged island with a rocky outcrop is Mana Mana, situated directly beneath the constellation.

48:00 – The earliest people in the Hawaiian Islands are called the Menehune. In modern Western lore, these people are described as little people or leprechauns, but no evidence of that has been found. The Menehune built fish ponds and ditches. Some of the fish ponds are now underwater, but they could date back to 5000 BCE when that land was above ocean water level.

50:30 – People from Tahiti arrive in Hawaii and enslave the locals in 1240 CE. The Tahiti word for slave is Manahune. The 13th Century is the mainstream date for the colonization of Hawaii.


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