Movie: The Coming starring Daniel Leone (2009, Thriller)

Tom’s protective older sister, Samantha, goes missing and the strange events surrounding her disappearance become a match that sets aflame a small town’s racial mistrust and mass hysteria …imdb synopsis, 6.0 rating out of 10


YT description: This was my first attempt at making a feature-length movie, so there are many technical and creative flaws. But if you like the film, please check out my new and upcoming projects at:


Thank you for watching!

This is the original version of THE COMING that had its premiere screening in Vancouver, Canada in 2008. The film was in pre-production for three years, was shot on location in the town of Russell Manitoba in only 19 days, and was made for under 50,000 dollars. The entire budget was built by tapping credit cards and saving accounts, family investment, public donations and grassroots fundraising efforts. Robin Williams attended one of our fundraising events and the premiere screening was host to 300 people.

Title: THE COMING (2008 version) (YT link) Uploaded by Chad Costen.

The Coming starring Daniel Leone – (2009) 3 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 35 minutes. This is a strange movie. I just did a review earlier on a zombie flick that focused less on zombies and more on the personal interaction between the characters. This movie does the same thing in a small town atmosphere full of broken, dysfunctional people with a looming crisis over their heads. There are no heroes here, but there are a lot of abused and tormented souls. The pacing is very slow, there isn’t a whole lot of action taking place. Even halfway through the movie, you might be wondering how the alien abduction / UFO angle fits in with everything else that’s going on, both on the national and local fronts.

As a conspiracy researcher, I see a lot of little hints, or Red Pills, the producers have very cleverly dropped into the movie to wake people up. The biggest one for me is the notion that the government would create an international crisis bad enough to lead to World War III, while trying to cover up a possible invasion by aliens. This is happening right now in real life, where President Trump is dealing with false accusations of Russian collusion, while also hurting Russia with sanctions and trying to pick a fight with North Korea. Behind all of this distraction, we have Israel trying to create an empire in the Middle East, and Chemtrails clouding up our skies to prevent, what, an alien invasion of the Anunnaki from Planet X? We don’t really know, do we, just as in the movie we see the American characters being frightened into insanity and picking on foreigners, mostly thanks to the controlled media, while the real threat is coming from above their heads.

The movie doesn’t offer up a lot of solutions, but it wasn’t meant to. It gives us an exaggerated glimpse of real life in the U.S., sort of a mirror reflection where we have to look at our ugliest and weakest sides. I get what the director was trying to do, but too many of the characters were two-dimensional, such as the sheriff and the two hoodlums who never did much. At the start, lead actor Leone was a confused wimp, and guess what, at the end of the movie he’s still the same guy. The most heroic thing he did was ride his bike around town and leave his loved ones behind over and over, just like he abandoned his sister in the woods and basically caused her to become abducted all those years ago, because her boyfriend chased him instead of protecting her.

In my stories, my characters might make major screw-ups, but they figure those out and deal with them, and they don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over like we see happening in this movie. What we end up with is a town full of wimps, even the bullies mind you, who can’t turn a TV off to avoid the latest bad news, and who can’t lift a finger as the alien menace comes down to harass them.


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