Echo Truths: Little Girl Dolls For Pedos, Sex Robots For Rapists

This is interesting for me, as I am writing a sci-fi project dealing with advanced AI sex robots. Not for the erotic aspects, mind you, as that has been done before by other authors, but more from the point of view that an advanced algorithm can simulate the personality of a real person. The second article mentions sex robots programmed for rape, something that never even crossed my mind before. How far is too far when dealing with bizarre fetishes and sexual impulses? All of this stems from the aberrant human mind, so how far do we have to go to control thought?

I’m going to look for an alternate point of view on this. Stay tuned.


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Title: Sex Robots For Rapists And Little Girl Dolls For Pedos! The World Has Gone Mad! (YT link) Uploaded by Echo Truths.


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