Science: Mini Ice Age / Solar Minimum Rundown – July 1 Through 5

I live in the South of Spain. The story is the exact opposite. Summer arrived a month early and June and the first half of July have been the warmest in a long time with an all time record of 46 degrees Celsius a couple of weeks ago. There have been 4 days in two months in which the temperature has gone down to 30 Celsius. The last two winters were very mild, with little rain, so that wheat yield has been low due to lack of rain. Sunflowers are about to be harvested now, then in October cotton and olives. What’s going on? – Thomas J. Hennigan


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Global Cooling Rundown Week of July 01-05, 2017

(402) Solar Minimum is Coming by NASA, What They Left Out of the Report…
(403) Incredible Close Up Footage of Boeing 787 Leaving Huge Persistent Contrail Over Russia…
(404) Food Prices Up, Spring Wheat Up, Winter Wheat Up, Pork & Beef Up…
(405) June Snowstorms Affect Races in Canada and Colorado…
(406) Frost and Frozen Corn in the Fields USA June 26 & 27th…

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Content Provided by David DuByne

You can also find this Mini Ice Age Conversations podcast on iTunes / Stitcher Radio / Soundcloud

Title: Global Cooling Rundown Week of July 01-05, 2017 | Mini Ice Age & Grand Solar Minimum (YT link) Uploaded by Adapt 2030.


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