Mandela Effect: The Tiny Rabbit In Mandela’s African Statue

I did hear about this oddity from the now defunct One People Round Table, circa late 2015, but I never got around to researching it. It is basically a novelty with no meat to to it.


YT description: OK WTF is going on!?! This story was discovered by a Mandela Channel 4 months ago but the channel was not big enough and the story slipped through the cracks.

Well…a viewer who will remain nameless until permission is given, has brought back to life the mystery surrounding the rabbit in NELSON MANDELAs FREAKIN” EAR!!!

Why is it there? Who are the two men that sculpted this creation? This was done 2013 BEFORE MOST MAJOR M/E hit us all. WOW.

What do you think? Leave a comment down below!


Here’s another video a viewer just pointed out to me, that covered this story as well not too long ago. He has a different title that’s not directly linked to the story itself, so it did not appear on the search engine. I totally would have mentioned it:…

Title: Mandela Effect: WHY IS THERE A RABBIT IN NELSON MANDELA’S EAR!?!?! WTF!?!?! HA! (YT link) Uploaded by Lone Eagle.


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