Mandela Effect: Must Watch! Early Wireless, Car And Video Phones!

I have to use Paul Begley’s tagline here: Are you serious? ARE… YOU… SERIOUS???

Almost everything in this video did not exist in my reality. There were NEVER wireless phones with umbrella antennae, rotary phones in cars or video phones that early! The only ones I sort of recognize are the long, green Walkie Talkies used the by the military in WWII, but those were NEVER used by civilians. This goes along with having fax machines in the 50s and jukeboxes that played music videos in the 60s. I don’t even know what to say about the Youtube and Skype ads at the start!


I’m fom the Sag arm (Sagittarius) and none of this existed there this early but I know what is happening. The earth has deliberately been held back by the establishment and now the past has been changed to allow the present to advance to the point it should have been by now. – Silverangel Rant

I was astonished to learn that, in the 1950s, there was a double-screen TV set on which you could pause the action on one screen while the show or game was still playing on the other. It was kind of small and clunky, a tabletop model, with the “pause” screen smaller than the other screen. – Elvee Kaye

my grandmother had a phone installed in her car in the late 70s and it was a big deal!… my grandparents had alot of money and were interested in technology … this is weird. – Sandra Nemecek


YT description: A brief video about possible Retro-causality (Retrocausation), in which cause and effect are out of order in time, and the future influences the past. This is also theorized to be possible across dimensions, when an alternate timeline of history changes the “now” instantaneously across time and space.

Thanks for watching!

Title: Out of Place & Time Tech Wireless Phones Technology pre-1900’s! Mandela Effect Time Travel July 2017 (YT link) Uploaded by Affected Collective.


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