Mandela Effect: Evin Powers’ Pop Music Changes And Theories

The latest for me are my Word program telling me the correct spelling is ‘controlling’ instead of ‘controling’ and the spinner on the YT videos changed animations from yesterday to today.

This is the second pro-Christian Truther I’ve seen, along with Jacob Israel, who is tying in CERN to the Tower of Babel. In my research, which you can find in the My Articles page, I can prove that the Saturnian bull god of the Old Testament is the bad guy.

What did El do at Babel? The people built a tower, he got jealous, and he dispersed the people and confused their tongue, right? Now, we’re expected to believe that this one loser god is the best god ever, when he can’t even control one bloodline of Hebrew people, as seen over and over in the OT. When the people manage some sort of Enlightenment, El comes along and batters them back into the Stone Age, because he’s so powerful and holy and pure that he can’t get over being jealous. It happened in the Garden of Eden and it happened at Babel. Oh, and he did demand that his first-born son Jesus should be sacrificed to him. Great guy, that Jehovah.

Everything that is wrong with this world today and historically stems from the three Abrahamic religions: Catholicism, Judaism and Islam. Just look at how bad things have gotten, under this loser god’s stewardship. That’s why the original Christians, including Jesus, rightly called that god the Demiurge, as seen in Gnosticism. So… When your god keeps handing you lemons, you don’t make lemonade. You find yourself a new god who hands you peaches instead.

Thanks, god! Amen, I mean Amun, I mean Amon… You know what I mean. Add the suffix (-Ra) to any of those and see who you’re really praying to.


Title: Mandela Effect… musical changes & more…!! (YT link) Uploaded by Evin Powers.


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