Ralph Ellis: Bible Genesis And Egyptian Hyksos Culture

Also see my other posts featuring Ralph Ellis. Some of this man’s information is compelling and fascinating, but in this case, I felt some of it was stretching credibility too far.


YT description:

THE RUSSELL SCOTT SHOW – “Having seen so many similarities between the Israelites and Egypt, I felt sure that the Book of Genesis should also contain elements of Hyksos Egyptian culture. But how could this be so if the rivers of Eden were the Euphrates and Tigris? The answer to this is simple, because the Hebrew Bible does not mention a Euphrates or Tigris at all. What it does mention is a river that runs through Eden and splits into four branches, and this just has to be a reference to the Nile running through the Garden of Akhenaton’s Aton (Adon), and splitting into the four branches of the Nile Delta. Ergo: the Genesis story has to be based upon Akhenaton and his brand of alternative theology.” ~ Ralph Ellis

In this interview:

Why the biblical exodus started
The flood
Where Mt. Sinai was located
Who were Aaron and Moses?
The true purpose of the Great Pyramid at Giza
The parting of the Sea of Reeds
The Thomas Verenna Affair
The true identities of Adam and Eve revealed
.. and countless epiphanies from the mind of Ralph Ellis

Title: The Book of Genesis and the Hyksos Egyptian Culture w/ Ralph Ellis  (YT link) Uploaded by Russell Scott.

Ralph Ellis: Bible Genesis And Egyptian Hyksos Culture – (2013) 3 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 1 minute. My notes:

2:00 – Ellis places the Genesis story in Ancient Egypt, pre-Akhenaten. This ignores the work of early 20th Century archeologist George Smith, who places the first part of Genesis in early Babylon. The biggest problem with this assumption is that it is based on information that was culled in the 4th Century CE under Constantine, while Akhenaten dates back to circa 1370 BCE. That’s a difference of 1600 years! The Bible cannot be a firm historical foundation because it has too many errors and discrepancies, including the lineage from Adam to David, and too many proven examples of doctoring of the official narrative, including the assumption that the books of Moses were written by Moses, when clearly they were not.

4:00 – The Garden of Adam (Arden or Eden) is the Garden of Aten? Sorry, but again Ellis is ignoring work that takes other historical narratives into account. In this case, what he’s omitting is the many religious with deities that lived in groves, such as in Ancient Canaan with goddess Asherah, wife of Old Testament El, and in Ancient India before that. (I believe El means ‘lord of the apple grove’ in Sanskrit, but I can’t recall the source.) The mother goddess Asherah identifies with the mother of all humanity Eve more closely than the Garden of Eden identifies with the Garden of Aten.

5:00 – Ellis states that the Hymn of Aten correlates with the Bible’s Genesis. More like the Bible’s Genesis adopted the Hymn of Aten to fit their narrative. Nothing can be corroborated here because Ellis is not bringing up other Hebrew mythologies that include characters such as Lilith and Ishmael, and who condemn later figures like Jesus. This is where Ellis’ work starts to fall apart. He cannot claim the Bible is accurate, if the original Hebrew fables for the Bible were culled by Rome. Remember the root word for Catholic is Latin Katholicus, which means universal, as in a one-size fits all religion. If the Bible was authentic, why don’t the Jews revere it? It’s because they have their own set of holy books like the Torah, which includes the Pentateuch and the Talmud. Orthodox Jewry has shunned everything in the New Testament.

6:00 – The ‘book’ of Moses was not written in Akhenaten’s era, as Scott brings up. This is a Jewish concoction to push back monotheism to a much earlier date. El’s wife was Asherah until the 9th Century BCE. Israelite Jews worshiped multiple gods in groves or temples, including Asherah, Baal, Dagon, Molech, etc. The priests of El were always in rivalries with the priests of the other gods. You see this all over the OT. This is why you have stories about Daniel being thrown into the lion’s den of a rival king, why you have a few of El’s priests defeating hundreds of Baal’s, and why the Hebrew ‘official story’ sticks it to the Egyptian people and their gods every chance it gets. Jews did not fully embrace monotheism until 400 – 500 BCE or about 800 years AFTER Akhenaten.

6:30 – I take the writings of Josephus with a grain of salt. Josephus was a Jew, so of course he’s going to write about Jews in a positive light. I’m finding more and more evidence that the Shepherd Kings / Israelites were involved in human sacrifice, the same as all the other Canaanite cultures were. Where does Josephus mention that?

9:40 – The volcano at Santorini erupted in 1610 BCE. That verifies the Exodus story in its entirety. Sounds legit. In another interview, Ellis dates the Hyksos expulsion to 1570 BCE. I want you to note that Ellis and others have described the Hyksos as tall, redheaded, fair-skinned people. You know, the same people found mummified in China, Egypt, South America and Maori New Zealand. I think these people later became the Celts and pre-Roman Europeans. Also, note that the tall, fair-skinned god Quetzalcoatl shows up in Yucatan right around this time, and so do the Negroid Olmec heads that are found all over Mexico and Yucatan. Were these part of that same expulsion from Egypt?

12:15 – Ellis states that Akhenaten was ‘forced’ to build Armana on a stone quarry. I don’t buy that. From a majority of other accounts, Akhenaten chose that site deliberately to coincide with the rising of his sun god Aten. If you’re a pharaoh with untold riches and resources at your command, are you really going to build your legacy city in a random place like that? Does Ellis know how complex Egyptian structures are, or how spiritual Ancient Egyptians were, as seen in their hermetic Book of the Dead? Armana was built on an accidental location? Really? Akhenaten planned so far ahead that he had his tomb built while he was still in power!

15:45 – Adam and Eve were really Akhenaten and Nefertiti? The proof of this is that both couples are depicted naked. Maybe Ellis hasn’t noticed this, but Egypt does tend to get a little hot, seeing how close it is to the equator. Actually, most of the old Egyptian figures I’ve seen are pretty close to naked. This assumption is a big fail. If nakedness is the big criteria for defining who Adam and Eve were, I say they were Saharan natives or Brazilian party people. Ellis goes on to compare the U.S. president and his wife as the First Man and the First Lady, and that’s how Akhenaten and Nefertiti became Adam and Eve. Do I even need to mention how wrong this is?

17:00 – Again, Moses did NOT write the first five books of the Bible, just like Matthew, Mark, Luke and John did not write the Gospels. These details were fabricated in the 4th Century CE by Rome. Moses is an Egyptian name, NOT a Hebrew name. Why would the biggest OT hero have an Egyptian name? Where is his Hebrew name, like that of his brother Aaron? In the same vein, how many Arabs do you know that are named Matthew, Mark, Luke or John? Why is the New Testament full of names from Medieval Europe, when the OT isn’t?

18:20 – No shit, an Egyptian high ruler actually spoke Egyptian? If Moses was real, he was not an Israelite priest but an Egyptian priest. Circumcision came from Egypt, the idea of a soul came from Egypt, a language with no vowels came from Egypt, etc. Ellis is acting like the Israelites had this little exclusive thing going, when in fact everything about the Hebrew / Jews came from Canaan and Egypt.

20:00 – Israelis today are speaking a variation of Egyptian. I can agree with this.

21:00 – Scott brings up how the Flood myth is found in many cultures. Ellis tries to deflect this by saying that there were many floods. We’re not talking about many floods, asshole, we’re talking about the one that was so big it was called the Great Flood. For comparison, India’s Tamil Samgan dates the Great Flood to 9500 BCE. What a coincidence that Plato’s date for the sinking of Atlantis was 9600 BCE. Also, Graham Hancock thinks India’s coasts were flooded in 10,000 BCE. How about that for a Great Flood? This doesn’t even take into account the Great Flood of Xisuthra from early Babylon, from which the Bible account is based on.

23:00 – Ellis brings up that Jesus and Mohammed were redheads or dyed their hair red. This is plausible at least a little bit, because Canaan and Egypt seemed to have a big fascination with henna and red hair dye. Why was it so important to have red hair? I don’t know, but I can point to all those redheaded mummies I mentioned earlier. Perhaps red hair was a sign of the gods, like head-bonding was in Mesoamerica to imitate possible elongated head ‘gods.’ Ellis also states that Mary Magdalene may have been a redhead. Well, maybe. A lot of goddesses like Diana or female demons like Lilith were originally portrayed as having red hair. (In case you didn’t know, Lilith has evolved into the modern urban legend we know as Bloody Mary.)

24:00 – Jesus married his sister. This is plausible. The Egyptian pharaohs did marry within the family, and we see this in other cultures as well, including in modern times. Muslims are allowed to marry their first cousins, and there has long been a rumor that the elite banker families, such as the Rothschilds, also marry within their bloodline.

30:50 – Mt. Sinai was the Great Pyramid. Not sure about this statement, but I may look into it further.

32:00 – In my research, ‘sacred stones’ usually mean meteorites.

Ellis goes on to cover information he’s presented previously after this.


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