Planet X: 07/11/17 – WSO, Farmer Records 2nd Light Source In Sky

this is my video!!!!!!! I’m famous lol. serious though, me and my wife took this video while checking our crops July 4th. something like I’ve never seen before. I wish I could send you guys the still pics my wife took. take color away and clearly something huge beside sun. this was in the north east part of south Carolina. ab 30 miles from Atlantic ocean – Reid Singletary

Roughly a year and a half ago, I saw a red striped plant at 4:30 a.m. that was closer, and bigger, than anything I have ever seen with my own eyes. Not the sun, moon, mars, venus, mercury, or jupiter, but a planet I have never seen. Not more than 10 mins later was it completely covered by chemtrails. Blue beam or real? I haven’t seen it since, and to this day I don’t know if it’s hologram or real. I have seen the moon look like a hologram that clouds went behind and didn’t cover it, but this really didn’t look like a hologram. Perhaps they use their best hologram for this deceit. – Sir Ius

I’m in N.Wisconsin, & my kids & I have been seeing another light source in the clouds, much farther North, after the sun has set. We started seeing this in June, & sometimes it has been REALLY obvious & noticeable, but most days tptb chemtrail the sunset, making it much harder to define. – Mauijane420


Title: WSO – Farmer Captures Second Light Source – Freaks Out (YT link) Uploaded by WSO.


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