Medieval Europe: 1361 – Militia’s Last Stand At Visby, Gotland

This is a fairly lame documentary. There isn’t much info on the battle or the forensics in studying the remains. Other medieval research programs do a much better job of filling out the time.


YT description: In 1361 the Swedish peasants on the island of Gotland faced an army of professional Danish and German mercenaries. The Gotlanders, badly equipped with old fashioned armour and weaponry, were ultimately pushed back to the walled city of Visby. But, for reasons unknown, the merchants inside Visby never opened their gate to let them in. Fathers, sons and brothers, young boys and old folk, valiantly fought to the last man outside the walls.

In the early 20th century, one of the most important finds in medieval archeology was discovered. Several massgraves from the battle outside of Visby. The graves are unique, because the victims were buried fully dressed in their armour.

Title: Documentary: Last Stand at Visby – 1361 (Medieval Massacre) (YT link) Uploaded by Gripen 13.


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