Transpicuous View: 07/12/17 – We Are Beating The Federal Reserve

Like McKenny says, this is an advanced level discussion. If you don’t know how and why your strawman and hidden accounts were first set up, you might be left wondering what this is all about. This is hard stuff to grasp, because it’s deliberately hidden in legalese.


YT description: Last nights UnFuckIt  Show was a discussion about the current financial questions with regards to accessing accounts through your ID. I invited several people from in the various groups who are working on this, including Lisa Harrison, Brian Kelly, Heather Tucci Jarraf, Bob Wright, Lisa Shannon, Bill (American Kabuki), and several others.  We discussed not only the background of these accounts, but the various methods and experiences several people have had on their journey to accessing the funds in these long hidden accounts….

For more information and further links and video footage, please go to RTS Earth HERE:…

Title: UnFuckIt July 12 2017: Deja Vu & the Question of hidden accounts (YT link) Uploaded by Removing The Shackles.


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