Music, Native American: Wuauquikuna – Inka Karal (1 Hour)

WUAUQUIKUNA is a Group of musicians from Ecuador, The band was established in 2003 by the Salazar brothers who are the proud descendents of Native American Indian Inca empire. Wuauquikuna brothers is a group of indigenous musicians who celebrate the similarities of the northern and southern cultures In Their music. – Federico Auspiazo

This is actually Peruvian music. This group is Not Native to America. They are Inca decedents. They are south American Natives. The clothing they have adopted form Lakota tribe in the South. I think it sells more records. Many people do not know the difference. I am Native American. NDE is my tribe people call us The Apache. – Chief Eaglefeather


Title: Inka Karal Best indian’s songs wuauquikuna (YT link) Uploaded by Kefal72.


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