Ancient Malta: Project Camelot Round Table With Brien Foerster

This is a simulcast with Project Camelot and some cheesy radio show. The host for the radio show apparently has a lot of children in his audience, as he throws stupid shit in like the Simpson cartoon women being covert elongated head people. Also, the way the program is structured leads to awkward intermissions / ad breaks. If you can handle those drawbacks, Cassidy, Foerster and Morton do a good job in presenting their thoughts on Atlantis, Malta and Rome from both an archeological and a spiritual perspective.


YT description: The Maltese Islands are a melting pot of Mediterranean culture; throughout our history brushes with different civilisations have left us with a rich tapestry of language, culture and cuisine. Malta has seen temple builders, the seafaring Phoenicians, St. Paul, the Knight’s of St. John, Napoleon and finally the British Empire and each have left a mark on our culture.


Ancient Malta: Project Camelot Round Table With Brien Foerster – (2014) 4 stars

Run time: 2 hours, 9 minutes. Before I begin listening to the program, let me toss out a curious theme I keep hearing mentioned and which have come across several times through my own research. While studying the ancient Maltese temples, I learned about a vague underground cult that worshiped a Mother Goddess and was associated with snakes. I can see how this cult may be in some way associated with the snake-worshiping societies of Mesoamerica, including the Aztecs / Toltecs with their feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl, and the Maya with their similar god Kukulcan. That’s going west from Malta and across the Atlantic.

Going south of Malta, we come to Egypt, where we can see serpent worship or reverence even in King Tut’s headwear. A bust of the boy king shows a serpent in the center of his forehead. (This has been Mandela Affected, as now there are serpent and vulture symbols found.) Also, a cult of wise priest / magicians dwelled among Egypt’s upper class and rulers. These priests were also associated with serpents, but I haven’t dug that deep into the subject yet as there simply isn’t that much verifiable information on it.

Now, let’s go north and west to Europe. I’ve researched Celtic society, where druids were wise men who were apart from the rest of the people. Later, when the Romans took over Celtic lands, the druids were also around to give advice and perform magic, but again, the details are scarce about exactly who these druids were.

Let’s put all this together, because it may hinge on Malta, as that tiny group of islands seem to be lying in the middle of everything in the ancient world. A ruling class of priests associated with serpents lived in Malta and Mesoamerica, and probably also in Egypt. They were exclusive, wise and respected men. Druids, who were also exclusive, wise and respected men, were around the Celts and Romans. In the Bible, Genesis 1:15, you read about how god will put enmity (great hatred) between Eve’s offspring and the serpent. Eve’s offspring will crush the head of the serpent, the verse tells us, and the serpent will strike their collective heel. I’ve made reference before, to the imperial eagle (Rome, Germany, United States) versus the spiritual serpent (Mesoamerican, China, India). An example of this is can bee seen when the European colonizing nations swarmed across the Atlantic to utterly decimate Mesoamerican culture and mythology in the name of the Canaanite bull god El / Yahweh. Take a good look at the Mexican flag, which shows an eagle crushing the head of a snake. Is this the symbolic representation of the eagle worshipers ultimately destroying the snake worshipers?

8:40 – Cassidy mentions the Oracle at Delphi. This came up while I was looking into Malta’s serpent priests. There are variations to the story of this Oracle, but basically they talk about a serpent giving secrets to a sorceress, before Apollo came and killed the serpent and established a temple on that site. If you associate Apollo with the Roman / Greek eagle crowd, and he destroys a serpent and / or a serpent temple, we have a repetition of the theme I mentioned above. Also, see my article on Malta.

10:20 – The Knights of Malta are associated with the Jesuits. I’m jotting this down for when I begin my research on that influential political order.

18:00 – Foerster states that the Paracas skulls show people at just under six feet tall with reddish hair. We know that at some point, these tall redheads were all over the planet, including North America, China and Egypt, and most cultures saw them as their original rulers.

18:45 – L.A. Marzulli, in my opinion, is a scam artist from the same mold as Tom Horn and Steve Quayle. In one of Marzulli’s recent interviews, he was too chickenshit to say the word ‘skinwalkers,’ using stupid phrases such as ‘that which cannot be named.’ I felt that was an pretty amateur way to try to hype up his latest book, which he was of course pitching during that interview (conducted by Josh Tolley). Also, and the same as the other two I mentioned, Horn and Quayle, Marzulli always backs up the Bible fables as being 100% true, when it can be proven otherwise.

28:00 – The Paracas skulls are the remains of an ancient civilization. Note that skulls with elongated heads are found in Mesoamerican serpent cultures. The next question is: were the people with elongated heads druids?

33:30 – The Paracas skulls have brains 25% larger than humans, and so do dolphins. I have an article showing charts from two different researchers, showing that humans are more likely to have evolved from dolphins than large primates.

34:10 – Foerster states that elongated skulls have also been found in Iraq, Iran, Malta and Melanesia as well as Peru.

37:20 – An ancient researcher names Philos of Tibet is mentioned. I may go hunting for his material later.

54:30 – Cassidy states that the Greek gods can be traced back to the Annunaki from Sumeria. Interestingly, researcher Gerald Clark and others have come to the same idea. I recently came across a history of the world written by Darwin, of all people. In this strange volume, Darwin actually writes down the birth years for people like Hercules, and how living people were deified and later worshiped under different names such as Osiris and Isis. Foerster adds to his idea with his mention of the Greek Titans.


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