Music, Resistance: Tiller Willis – 11:11 (Fuck The New World Order)

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Artist: Tiller Wills
Song: 11:11
Album: 11:11

Fuck President Barack Obama, fuck his office, fuck his cheshire cat grin, fuck his promise,
fuck all the politicians, fuck congress, fuck every senator that ever turn his back on us,
fuck Dianne Feinstein and fuck Max Baucus, fuck Harry Reid the senate leaders cockless,
but I fuckin loved when the stenographer started talking, I wish that bitch would run for office, for real…

Analysis of Tiller Wills 11:11 lyrics –…

Title: 11:11 by Tiller Wills | The Best Anti-NWO Song Ever! (YT link) Uploaded by Truth Now 88.


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