Mandela Effect: The Cornucopia Is Missing From Fruit Of The Loom!

Video posted Nov. 2016.

Confabulate this one, suckers. The logo had the little fruit basket back in my old reality.

The voting:

with – 679

without – 184

Look up “Frank Wess – Flute of the Loom.” The 1973 album’s art is a parody of Fruit of the Loom, replacing a cornucopia with a stylized flute that looks the same as the cornucopia that many remember… The question is, why did they choose to feature a cornucopia in their parody design if one never existed in the original design? I’d love to track down the artist and ask him personally. – phubans

My dad always said how funny he thought that a cornicopia of fruit spilling out was a funny logo for underwear (you dont want your fruit spilling out.) – Class2 Instructor


YT description: I have worn FRUIT OF THE LOOM underwear of an on throughout my life and I have a clear image in my mind of the cornucopia of fruit on the label. Well there has never been a cornucopia in this reality.

Link to the video where I found out about this Mandela Effect:…

Previous voting videos:…

Title: Mandela Effect (FRUIT OF THE LOOM NEVER HAD A CORNUCOPIA IN THIS REALITY!! WHAT?) Please Vote #67 (YT link) Uploaded by Moneybags73.


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