Abandoned: 2015 – Frederick Towne Mall, Maryland

I lived less then a mile from there for the better part of my Childhood i still see that mall and remember being a child in there. its insane that its just a memory now =/ My Wife went to school with one of the guys who broke in. thank you for documenting Dan. I used to get my hair cut in there @ Gentleman’s choice, shopped at K-B Toys, My sisters Dance studio had a show there at one time. Ive seen Countless movies at that Hoyts. GOD the memories are just flooding back to me. – Barrick MacReady

Fun fact: One of the directors of The Blair Witch Project wanted to film a zombie movie at the ruins of the Frederick Towne Mall. He almost got to do it, in fact, but whoever owns the property flaked out at the last minute. And this is why fans can’t have nice things. 😦 – Dan R

I used to shop at this mall. I stopped going in the mid 90’s. The mall sits next to a very large, poor housing development (lots of section 8 housing). The mall entrance at 1:01 was always full of teenagers on bicycles and in groups blocking the entrance flow and being a general public nuisance. Someone was stabbed there one summer and the police had to park outside the front doors on Friday and Saturday nights to keep things calm. The parking lot was a pitted mess and the mall never really offered much in the way of a clean welcoming environment. I remember it being a smoking mall in the 1970s. Cigarette butts were everywhere on the floor of the malls main thoroughfare. There used to be a Pappy’s Pizza Parlor back then facing the “Golden Mile”. Poor mall planning and general security issues killed this mall as it does most malls. – kpb96m1


YT description: Love Dead Malls? Check out Dan Bell’s entire Dead Mall Series here : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…

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Title: DEAD MALL SERIES : Frederick Towne Mall (**Closed, April 2013**) (YT link) Uploaded by This Is Dan Bell.


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