Santos Bonacci: Flat Earth, Hidden Continents And Mt. Meru

YT description: We talk with Santos Bonacci about Earth’s toroidal field, magnetism, the Black Sun, the Ice Wall, ascension, heart energy, and how it all relates to Mt. Meru, the Sun, and the hidden four-continent system at the North Pole.

*There are parts that refer to Santos’ screenshare. Unfortunately, the Skype video did not record properly. We apologize.


Title: Santos Bonacci on Flat Earth’s Hidden Continent, Mt. Meru, Magnetism and More (YT link) Uploaded by Flat Earth Paradise.

Santos Bonacci: Flat Eath, Hidden Continents, Mt. Meru – (2017) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 4 minutes. I get how Bonacci likes to use word sounds to give emphasis to his points, but sometimes just because the words sound similar does not prove a profound metaphysical idea. He tends to use the same narrow vocabulary time and again, in the same way that Jordan Maxwell does, but usually Maxwell draws out how he got from point A to point B. Bonacci skips over his words without expanding on them, and I’m sure I’d get the gist of it by listening to his previous videos, of which there are hundreds out there. A newbie, on the other hand, will get lost in the word-play and not be able to see all the well-researched links Bonacci is giving out in his sentences.

17:40 – Bonacci gives a different interpretation for Amun (pre-Ammon-Ra) than Gerald Clark does. Clark equates Amun with the Sumerian Marduk. Bonacci instead gives the meaning as the light / positive side of duality. This concept does have some basis, as it goes along with Electric Universe Theory.

21:15 – Bonacci loosely states that the sun is made of ‘water.’ I think he should have clarified that a little better, as it gives the wrong impression. I recently looked up the composition of Saturn, which is very similar to Sol in that it contains mostly hydrogen and helium. The substance is described as thick, syrup fluid. That fits better than just saying water.

23:10 – Bonacci equated Dominus (Lord) with dome (as in Flat Earth), which I feel is inaccurate. Remember that, I forget who it was, but some big name challenged Bonacci to a FE debate a couple of years ago, where Bonacci refused and claimed his opponent was possessed by demons. What Bonacci has done, basically, is to syncretize a number of mythologies together while gathering their parallels, and he’s sticking to his deductions and conclusions, in my opinion, a bit too strictly.

25:30 – Bonacci claims that all Hellenic Greeks were Flat Earthers and vegetarians. Interesting that I have recently come across Newton’s timeline of history, where he wrote that Egyptians were vegetarians until the Shepherds introduced them into eating flesh after sacrifices. (I think the Shepherds were the Hyksos / Hebrew.) This idea of not eating meat leads directly to India, where I believe all modern, pre-Sumeria religions started from.

26:30 – How about this one? Bonacci says that all planets have fields that are connected to Sol’s field in a torus. Science tells us that Sol is in a spiral pattern as it is moving through space, and that the planets are in their own spiral pattern around Sol. The concept of every planet spinning around Sol could very well be a torus pattern. A torus pattern would generate energy based on magnetic field interaction and spinning elements, as seen in my Indian Vimana and TR-3B mechanics research. This would also explain the astrological retrograde motions Bonacci mentions at 27:00.

35:00 – The book Paradise Found; The Cradle of the Human Race at the North Pole, by William Warren, is mentioned. I’ll see if I can get a copy of it. Anyway, Warren writes that positive deities are found at the North Pole and negative ones are at the South Pole. In keeping with FE Theory, the North Pole would be the point of highest vibration on Earth, while the icy edges / Antarctica / South Pole, would be the weakest points.

49:00 – The talk centers on the Arctic and now it could potentially be the opposite of the Antarctic, in a positive / negative aspect. In the Hopi Creation myth, the Earth was out of balance until a being called Spider Woman created the North and South Poles, and thus a balance was created. Also, the Un-Fuckers hosts have discussed several layers of magnetism alternating positive and negative horizontally from the north to south.

56:00 – Captain George Hubert Wilkins allegedly logged 5,000 miles past the South Pole. He spoke of other lands not known to man.

59:00 – The Elohim are moving upward, while the Nephalim are moving down. I wonder if this is connected to the torus concept in some way. All things being equal, this sounds like protons and electrons interacting.


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