Humans Evolved From Dolphins, Not Primates by Raymond Towers

Humans Evolved From Dolphins, Not Primates

Collected By Raymond Towers

I’m not entirely knowledgeable in all of these specific statements, so I’m not saying they are all true. To the best of my knowledge, however, most of these are accurate. The idea here is that human beings physically have more in common with dolphins than in the accepted scientism theory of evolution, where our ancestors were shit-flinging primates. What I’ve done here is to put two charts from separate sources together for comparison.

I’ll even toss in another one into the dolphin section: the two animals that have the closest thing to a woman’s vagina are the dolphin and the sheep. Don’t ask what led me to look that up.

12 Ways Humans Are Not Primates

By Lloyd Pie

  1. Bones – much thinner and lighter
  2. Muscles – 5 to 10 times weaker
  3. Skin – not well adapted to direct sunlight
  4. Adipose Tissue – 10 times as much (fatty tissue under the skin, around organs)
  5. Body Hair – missing, (growth) pattern reversed
  6. Head Hair And Nails – must be trimmed
  7. Skulls And Brains – not in the same ballpark
  8. Locomotion – most obvious difference (walking, standing)
  9. Speech – throats completely redesigned (primates cannot breath underwater)
  10. Sex – no sign of typical oestrus cycles
  11. Genetic Disorders – over 4,000!!!
  12. 12. Chromosomes – reduced from 48 to 46

17 Ways Humans Are Like Aquatic Mammals (Dolphins)

By You Oughta Learn

  1. Habitual Bipedalism – No
  2. Loss Of Body Hair – Yes *
  3. Skin-Bonded Fat Deposits – Yes
  4. Ventro-Ventral Copulation (face to face sex) – Yes *
  5. Dimunition Of Apocrine Glands – Yes
  6. Hymen – Yes
  7. Enlarged Sebaceous Glands – Yes
  8. Psychic Tears (emotional) – Yes
  9. Loss Of Vibriasse – Yes
  10. Volitional Breath Control (breathing underwater) – Yes
  11. Eccrine Thermoregulation – Yes
  12. Descended Larynx – Yes
  13. Larger Muscles On Lower Body – Yes
  14. Diminished Sense Of Smell – Yes
  15. Larger Brains From Omega-3 Diets – Yes
  16. Oil Glands On Face And Body – Yes
  17. Eye Size Relative To Body – Yes *

* Trait number 2 is the only shared with animals such as elephants.

* Trait number 4 (face to face copulation) is the only one shared with apes.

* Trait number 17 is from another source. Ryosuki Motani, Ph.D. at UC Davis, maintains that dolphins and humans have the smallest eyes in nature, when compared to the size of their bodies.


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