Gerald Clark, Matt Lacroix: We Are Annunaki Slave Pawns

Ignore the cartoon bit at the start. This is a very good discussion. Search this blog for Annunaki, Gerald Clark of Matt LaCroix to see more like this.


YT description: Discover the extent to which the Anunnaki primitive workers have been used as pawns throughout the ages. Matt LaCroix and Gerald Clark cover the bases and formulate an overall framework to understand the extent of the marionetting, especially the population culling acts of war. Are you going to be a puppet or your own master, you have the free will to choose.

Title: Anunnaki Slave Pawns with Gerald Clark and Matt LaCroix (YT link) Uploaded by Gerald Clark.

Gerald Clark, Matt LaCroix: We Are Annunaki Slave Pawns – (2017) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 26 minutes.

16:00 – Nag, as in the Nag Hammadi Library, translates as snake. You have to remember that the Roman Empire and its successors such as Nazi Germany and the modern US are the enemies of the snake, as they are represented by the eagle.

52:00 – The idea that Marduk assumed or created the role of Christ is new for me. I understand the connection to Thoth, but that could also mesh well with Buddha and Krishna, as those mystical, spiritual figures were not the warmongers we see through Rome and after.

55:20 – Clark equates Amon-Ra with Marduk.

58:00 – I agree that it is other-worldly entities behind the push for pedophile acceptance.

59:40 – Clark talks about spirits from lower dimensions summoned to live within or possess men. For concordance, look to Masonry, where founder King Solomon trapped evil spirits in jars and forced them to do his bidding. Did Solomon really control them, or have the spirits been controlling Earth’s rulers thanks to Masonry, Kabbalah, the Vatican and other occult Mystery Schools?

1:00:30 – Clark states the spirits look like serpents. We see serpent / dragon symbolism and worship all over the world, from China to India to Mesoamerica to Malta. If the serpents are the bad guys, and the eagle / owl followers are the bad guys, then who the heck are the good guys?

1:02:50 – I need to look up more on the Arch of Palmyra.

1:03:10 – Enki is equated with Ahura Mazda of Zoroastrianism.

1:10:10 – Important point: I have seen several people warning others not to ‘go into the light’ after death. I don’t agree that the light or higher vibrations is evil. If that’s the case, then nothing we can do will ever get us out of the matrix.

1:11:30 – The biggest lie The Powers That Be have pushed on humanity is that we have to sit pat and wait for a savior to show up.


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