Abandoned: 2011 – Smithville Bike Factory Ruins, New Jersey

I used to live in Smithville Park in Eastampton, NJ. I lived on top of the hill which had residential houses (now abandoned). I toured this factory in the mid-90s after a blizzard hit. There were no fences and I was able to find old machinery, tools, and a 1950s Coca Cola machine. But the township wanted to preserve it, so it was fenced, probably removed the treasures inside. This can’t be entered in now because the cop station is right near it and there are park rangers everywhere. – Genius

More facts about this Smithville Park. If you go to the top of the hill, where the abandoned houses are, that hill used to have a store. Some of it was dug up and stairs were built. But landscapers found a ton of old bottles from the early to mid 1900s. I found old pharmaceutical bottles and Coca Cola bottles. The backyard of the house (near the steps) had a old farm house that is being rebuilt. I lived in the white house and all of the houses are going to be tourist attractions. – Genius


YT description: Built in 1860 and barely standing.

Title: Smithville Factory Ruins – NJ (YT link) Uploaded by The Unknown Cameraman.


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