My Reply To Mandela Effect Deniers by Raymond Towers

This article was originally posted on my previous blog in Sept. of 2016. Back then I was getting a lot of shilltastic comments, so I decided to jot down a response to let these people know I’ve been at this a lot longer than they assume I have.


My Reply To Mandela Effect Deniers

By Raymond Towers

My commentary isn’t necessarily aimed at this specific comment I recently received, but at ME Deniers in general, and especially to those people that want to argue back and forth over trivialities such as the words No and Luke from the Star Wars example. Just because it hasn’t happened to some of you, does not mean that your life defines the life of everyone else in the entire universe. I’ve stated this before; even Einstein was afraid of ‘spooky action at a distance’ as shown in Quantum Theory. Admitting to the idea of Quantum Entanglement would have broken up Einstein’s comfortable paradigm that the universe is completely defined and perfectly ordered by his god.

Some of these have easy explanations.. Western Sizzzlin’ is a restaurant.. Sizzler is a restaurant.. and In a movie I forgot the name of has a restaurant called Western Sizzler. Answered. – Tryp

Very good. You’ve debunked one of thousand of examples of ME. Pat yourself on the back. I’m sure you can come up with rational conclusions for the thousands more that you haven’t touched on yet. Then you can write your smug ‘Answered’ on all of them. I’m sure everyone in the world has seen this movie whose title you can’t even remember and made that same association: Western Sizzzlin’ – Sizzler – Western Sizzler

Here’s the problem. I understand confabulation, which is when a person has a gap in their memory and they create a new, fictitious memory to cover this gap up. A lot of ME Deniers are using the excuse of confabulation as their scientism blanket to refute and ignore strange things their rational minds cannot get a grasp of. Normally, confabulation is the result of a mental disorder. People love to create divides, so their assumed Group A mentality is seen as superior to whatever Group B is saying. When their faulty reasoning is exposed, these same Group A people will become defensive and start trolling, insulting and denying anything goes against their logical, dogmatic form of reasoning. Sorry, but I am not suffering from confabulation. Quite the opposite, actually. I think I suffer from doing too much research!

Now, to one extent, Tryp, I believe that you are correct when you infer that people are misremembering things. People certainly have jumped on the ME bandwagon and are out there trying to find every single instance of strange memories to report as an actual ME occurrence. This goes back to my Group A / Group B analogy, as the ME believers are suddenly the ‘superior’ crowd because they are privy to seeing things that the vast conformist masses are not.

I am seeing people that don’t know their Bibles pretending that they know every single sentence in their Bibles, and proclaiming ME for verses or phrases they’ve never read before. I’ve also seen people having epiphanies over animals such as the narwhal, which is a small whale with an ivory tusk. Not too long ago, I came across a South American spider that has hands, oddly enough. I thought, that was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen from an arachnid! I did more research on this spider and found it was discovered only recently. My conclusion is that it is possible for things to be discovered on Earth without my knowing about it, and although it is still an odd thing, it cannot be called a true ME. Going back to the narwhal, I’ve been studying mythology and oddities in nature since I was a teenager in the 1980s, including cryptids from the sea such as mermaids, giant octopi and other sea monsters. I’ve known what a narwhal was ever since then, unlike this adult who just recently was told that the word ‘unicorn’ was in the Bible, went looking for information on unicorns, found the narwhal and is now calling it a unicorn and an ME. Part of what I do is to look at the claims, analyze them and try to confirm them from other sources as well as from my lifetime of experience.

As stated, I do a lot of research, mostly into topics other people will not pay any attention to. I’ve been doing research for over 30 years now, off and on, but for the last six years I’ve really stepped on the gas pedal. I can tell you that words like aliens, bottles, stuff and unicorns were not in the Bible and that the original phrase in my world referred to the lion lying with the lamb. How do I know this? Because at the young, tender age of 13, I was already debating Catholics, Christians and Jehovah’s Witnesses over the blatant contradictions found in their holy books. If you’ve ever debated a hardcore Christian, you should know that they have dozens of verses they can throw out at you to back up their statements. As a result, I would need a strong grasp of the Bible and my own contrary set of verses in order to refute and debunk them.

I don’t consider myself as an expert in anything, but I do know a great deal about a large amount of topics. After having gone through several bizarre episodes myself, in the early 1990s I started paying attention to bizarre episodes other people were reporting. In the early 1930s, for example, two reporters were driving away from an English air force base, when suddenly the base was under attack by strange aircraft they’d never seen before. The reporters jumped into their car and sped off. After a short distance, they looked behind them and saw that everything was back to normal; it was a nice, peaceful day. Because they both witnessed the strange event, they wrote it down. After World War II started, German aircraft bombed that same base. The planes strafing the runways looked just like planes the reporters had described years before. I thought; if things like that were happening in the past, maybe they are still happening today.

Many ME researchers today want to rename the effect as the Quantum Effect, which fits the concept much better because it covers a lot more than company logos and movie lines. In the mid-1990s, I started running into people who were in terrifying car crashes, but who had somehow miraculously survived the wrecks without a scratch. The scenarios went something like this: two people are out for a drive and they get into a crash. One person was badly mangled or killed while the other was simply dazed and okay, or both people survived with minor bruising or no injuries at all. In all cases, the car was totaled and emergency personnel could not explain why the car was destroyed but the people were undamaged. The cases got even stranger. Some people thought they were going crazy when they suddenly saw a building on the side of the road that was not there the day before. Some people reported having gone through some horrifying trauma, such as car wrecks, snowmobile accidents or gun shot wounds. When a few of these people were coherent again, they looked into the mirror and saw that the color of their hair or eyes had changed, parts of their personal history were off, and the traumatic accident had become a blur in their minds.

My first official ME involved actor Chris Tucker. This actor was in the popular Friday movies with Ice Cube. Sometime in the mid-1990s, several news stories came out stating that Chris Tucker had gotten drunk in Los Angeles and died when he drove his car into a telephone pole. This was widely reported at the time. My brother-in-law drove over to my house, my wife and I bought pizza and beer, and we had a remembrance for Chris Tucker while watching the Friday movies. Only a few years later, here is Chris Tucker starring with Jackie Chan in the first Rush Hour movie. My wife and I looked at each other and thought, huh?

As stated, I’m not an expert in anything, really. However, when I write a book, I hate it if somebody points out that, hey, your characters can’t do this because it defies known science or your Space Marines can’t talk that way because real Marines wouldn’t say things like that. As a result, I do a tremendous amount of research involving all sorts of media to make sure I get things right in my stories. That qualifies me enough that I can comment on anomalies such as those found in ME, because I have studied for years on a lot of the discrepancies being reported. If I don’t know about some particular subject, such as Flat Earth Theory, I do know how to go and do some research on it, and I will take an inordinate amount of time trying to get to the bottom of things.

I know South America was South America because it was south of North America. It was not Southeast America as it is now. I know that Japanese troops never set foot on American soil in ‘my world,’ but they battled the US Army in Alaska in this world I am in now. I know that the human skull and the human skeleton have changed because I studied pressure points for martial arts and the effects of wounds from gunshots and medieval piercing weapons. I know the Rock of Gibraltar was in the Strait of Gibraltar, the location of Sicily is all wrong, and the Gulf of Mexico was a huge round circle because it was theorized that a giant meteor had landed there once and killed off all the dinosaurs. Today, the Rock of Gibraltar is off the eastern coast of Spain, Sicily is touching Italy, and Florida, Cuba and Yucatan are only short hops away from each other.

I know a few other things, too. There was no Mixed Martial Arts Soccer where I come from, because for several years I watched MMA fighting from the US, Brazil, Japan and other countries. I was a big UFC fanboy, and I kept up with the sport worldwide. If MMA soccer were around, I would have come across it during my numerous Youtube keyword searches. Also, in my world knights with swords and shields did not fight in large boxing rings, because I did extensive searches for medieval LARPing, fighting styles, weaponry and battle tactics for armies from the age of knights. Yet in this world I’m in now, we have battlers punching and kicking while they try to get a soccer ball across a field in Italy, and teams of American knights versus Russian knights in boxing rings.

Forget the Luke / No and In The City / And The City pop memes for a second. Movie lines, TV show titles and song lyrics are trivial and inconsequential. I’m not posting on ME because I want to show everyone that I’m part of Group A. I’m posting because I am keeping a record of what people are reporting, and along with a number of other ‘weird things’ researchers, I am trying to get to the bottom of it for myself. You keep telling yourself that debunking Sizzler with Sizzlin’ is a big deal, and show off how you’ve ‘Answered’ that one. In the meantime, I’ll be looking at how the positions of the constellations have changed, how our solar system is in the wrong place in the cosmos, and how the sun has turned nuclear white and is now rising from the northeast.

You’ve answered things for yourself, and that’s fine for you. However, some of us like taking things a step further because we see aberrations and abnormalities that should not be there, yet there they are staring us in the face. Some people say that when you stop learning, you start dying. I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready to start pushing up daisies yet.


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