Mandela Effect: Woman’s Graduation Pictures That Never Happened

If real, this one is really cool. Either this chick was so wasted she forgot she graduated from her first college, or we’ve got residual evidence of another timeline. The photoshop angle doesn’t make sense unless she was missing for a period of time, as in MK Ultra programming, where history was created for her while she was off doing something else.

Is there a list of the graduating class or a group photo to corroborate? I know most have been put online by the alumni so it’s fairly easy to search it out. I know most yearbooks are online as well and are pretty easy to track down. I would love to see this validated! This is a really compelling story, thanks for sharing. – Alice In Mandelaland


Title: Mandela Effect: Photographic Evidence? (Friend Pictured in Two Places at the Same Time) (YT link) Uploaded by Jensploration.


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