Mandela Effect: 07/03/17 – Recent Changes To Earth Geography

Yes, I do agree with 80 – 90% of what is pointed out here. The biggest ones for me are the Mediterranean, because I just wrote a series of articles on Malta last week, and that huge mess between Asia and Australia. I’ve got to check on Sidney… Hold on, peeps.

He’s right. I remember Sidney on the south or bottom. Now it’s on the southeast coast.

Yahoo image search, Sydney, Australia map.

The Mediterranean sea was bigger and Africa was more straight at the top. As you said the bump on the east coast of Africa wasent there. I was on the Maldives, they did have to bring the water from the mainland at that time, 18 years ago. On most islands is just a hotel, nothing else. The island Male is a city, from edge to edge. What I saw is that there are much more islands there now. – Daisy Duck

That part of Mexico wich you mention at 3:18 has grown a lot, also Kuba and so on. You are right with everything you say. The pyramids of Giza were more south before, now they are much closer to Kairo. Good job you are doing, thank you. – Daisy Duck

I don’t remember NYC being east of where I am located in northeast pa. I remember it being more north. All the states look different somehow. The islands look way to close to Florida. – Art Girl

What about the new Island that appeared off the coast of North Carolina – What’s Up?

Title: Mandela Effect Globe Changes 7/3/17 (YT link) Uploaded by Beau Brady.


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