Germany: Cops Nab 90,000 Pedophiles In Dark Web Sting Operation

We need to see the names of these so called elites. Random priests and local governors isn’t going to cut it. I want to see royalty, members of congress, Hollywood A-Listers. Somehow the protected class always seems to avoid prosecution. – Secular Pengunist

Yeah I want Names! My local Newapaper Can’t wait to Release Photo’s and Names of Drug Busts and Shoplifters and any other Crimes…..So Why Can’t We See Faces and Names of these Filthy, Vile Subhuman Creatures???? – Brigette Turner

Why haven’ we heard more about Jacob Schwartz, the pedo in Bill DeBlasio’s office who had over 3,000 photos of child porn on his computer, most were men having sex with babies as young as 6 months old. That SOB is in NY… what happened to him. We should demand to know THAT!!!! – Truth Is Forever


YT description: German prosecutors said Thursday, July 6, that they had shut down a major platform used by “elite pedophiles” for organizing the sexual abuse of children, which led to the arrest of its suspected ringleader and senior members of the “pedophile community” in Germany and abroad.…

Title: #PEDOGATE – “Operation Elysium” HUGE Pedophile Ring “90,000 Strong” Busted On The Dark Web (YT link) Uploaded by Victurus Libertas VL.


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