Abandoned: 2011 – Donner Pass, Tunnel, Hieroglyphs, California

This video was  a little too short for me. I would have watched a good 10 – 12 minutes of this, both for the history and the mystery of it. Check out these great YT comments:

This is fantastic. Some people claim that they’ve heard the sounds of the ghosts and their pickaxes, chipping and clinking away at the granite walls. Others have said that they’ve heard the sounds of old steam engines inside the tunnels. The wooden door at 3:19 was the door that lead to the commissary operated by Fong Quong, who was the cook that served meals to the crews of passing trains. – Always Trains HD

This is the old track #1 over Donner Pass. The original mainline right of way built by the The Central Pacific RR in the 1860’s as part of the Transcontinental Railroad that was finished in 1869. Southern Pacific and today Union Pacific run trains over the newer line through tunnel 41 which takes the railroad under the mountain this original line went around. – Jon B Rails Video


Title: Donner Pass Train Tunnels and Hieroglyphs – California  (YT link) Uploaded by The Unknown Cameraman.


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