United States: June Crop Losses You Aren’t Hearing About

You see that little, bitty thing in the farmer’s fingers? That’s a Georgia peach! For not covering this as you should be, thanks, Fake News!


YT description: There are so many crop losses happening globally, but the media focuses for less than a millisecond and back on to the next propaganda story. This is a list of losses I have been watching over the last month, Georgia peach crop loss, S.E. USA peach crop loss, fruit losses in USA and Europe, chickpea crop in Canada, frozen corn on the stalks in late June in the Dakotas, frost, hail, wind and drought seem to be the common theme globally this year. Asia and Australia are experiencing losses as well. Watch your food price skyrocket by the end of 2017, and the media will still be asking why instead of covering the effects of the intensifying grand solar minimum.

MIAC #24 Visible Changes to Earth’s Climate as the Grand Solar Minimum Intensifies
MIAC #25 What’s Next for Agriculture during the Grand Solar Minimum: Inventor Lee Wheelbarger

June 26 &27 Frost and Freeze Damage https://twitter.com/Lee_Briese/status…
Chickpea crop just north of Montana
Border in Saskatchewan https://twitter.com/Tyne_Ag/status/87…
Crop Losses https://twitter.com/5thWave_tcronin/s…
Hail in Spain https://www.facebook.com/groups/AMicr…
Georgia Peach Crop Lost http://www.cbsnews.com/news/georgia-p…

Title: June Crop Losses You arent Hearing About | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 (410) (YT link) Uploaded by Adapt 2030.


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