Movie: Gangs Of The Dead Starring Noel G (2006, Horror, Zombies)

I just read the synopsis. This is about an arms deal? Where are the all the weapons then?


YT description: On the verge of a major arms deal, the two toughest gangs in L.A. will find themselves trapped in an abandoned warehouse by a ravenous mob of bloodthirsty zombies. They will have to work together with the cops to avoid being torn limb from limb and eaten alive.

Director: Duane Stinnett
Stars: Noel Gugliemi, Howard Alonzo, Ethan Ednee

Title: Gangs of the Dead (a.k.a. Last Rights) – Full Movie (YT link) Uploaded by Popcornflix.

Gangs Of The Dead starring Noel G – (2006) 1 star

Run time: 1 hour, 22 minutes. This is a really bad zombie flick. About all it does accurately is reproduce gang language in an authentic way. Basically, a movie company rented one warehouse and closed off the streets directly around it. To give the idea that this is a huge building, the lighting is deliberately kept low. The characters are largely stupid and uninspired. In this overworked genre, the producers have to come up with some novel way of presenting the same zombie chase scenes and cowering victims, and they completely failed at doing that. I had no sympathy for any of the roles, the plot went around in one or two circles over and over, and they found convenient items such as whiskey bottles and hand grenades, making it less a parody and more like a dumb video game. I ended up watching this entire movie just to see if they came up with anything different, but nah, they didn’t. It was lame all the way through. They had one memorable quote: The good book says ask and you shall receive, mother-fucker!


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