Christopher Bjerknes: Secrets Of The Crypto Jewish Tribes

YT description: Mirrored from the best YouTube site for History Audios on Crypto Jews

with Eric Hufschmid, June 27, 2006.

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You will find many more interviews with Christopher Jon Bjerknes and other knowledgeable historians on The Rape of Justice channel.

Title: Christopher Jon Bjerknes · Secrets of the Crypto Tribe Jews (Sabbatean & Frankist) (YT link) Uploaded by Abel Danger.

Christopher Bjerknes: Secrets Of The Crypto Jewish Tribes – (2013) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 2 minutes. Recently, I listened to a Red Ice interview featuring Bjerknes, on the topic of Russia controlling ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, aka CIA, Mossad). I didn’t agree with many of the conclusions this speaker came to. This interview, on the other hand, hits much closer to my personal findings. My notes will cover parts I agree with completely and parts I disagree with. Overall, I feel this is an accurate portrait of Zionism and historical Jewry.

5:00 – Bjernkes mentions Jewish motivation as being motivated by the Talmud. I haven’t gotten to read this book yet, but this tome is also referred to by a number of alternate researchers. Note how this allows for Crypto Jews, that is, Jews that are not historically from the land of Ancient Canaan. A lot of people will argue that today’s Jews are Ashkenazi or Khazarian, and do not represent true Jewry. This gives rise to the false idea that ‘it’s the Zionists, not the Jews’ who are causing all the trouble in the world. I call bullshit. Whether they are from the ancient bloodline or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that they are following the doctrine as put forward by the Talmud. Just look at George Soros. He’s a Marxist Socialist piece of shit who destroys countries and their currencies, while at the same time pushing Talmudic doctrine as a front-man for the Zionist Rothschilds. Both the Jewish political left and right are pushing forward the same agenda.

5:30 – I highly dispute the Biblical lineages. They have contradictions, omissions, discrepancies and outright mistakes.

7:00 – The host is too timid to say that Jews run American media. Jews have been controlling the narrative in the US since before World War I. Bjerknes states that the Catholic Church inherited the idea of controlling information from the Jews. Think about that. Where did the Catholic Church come from? It came from the empire of Rome. Who were the Roman Emperors? That would be Crypto Jews like Constantine and his family, and normal Jews like the historian Flavius. Jews have been manipulating the masses through financing wars and putting populations in debt ever since. It is probable that Jews were the ancient Hyksos, whom some researchers link to the Pharaohs of Egypt, and you can find a lot of corroboration for that in the Bible with Egyptian rulers such as Joseph and Moses. Remember that scumbag Joseph took advantage of poor people by buying up their land during times of drought, and that the name Moses is Egyptian and not Hebrew, so why is an Egyptian the biggest Biblical hero in the Old Testament? Also, you will see the big Jewish, toucan nose on accurate portrayals of Cleopatra.

8:10 – Crypto Jews will sacrifice normal Jews to further their agendas. This is why many Jews were sacrificed in World War II at the rise of Hitler. (Certainly not the peddled number of six shintillion, as that Kabbalistic number was bandied about since the early 1900s.) This lie of victimization has allowed Israel to constantly play the victim card and to shout down their critics with the bullshit claim of anti-Semiticism.

9:10 – Bjerknes states that Jews infiltrated the US since its inception. Why don’t you look up how many Jewish slave traders were around during the area of American colonization?

9:40 – Talmudic Jews always attack normal Jews who assimilate into other societies. This is seen all over the Old Testament when their bull god El told them to go out and kill apostates who took up with foreign women and adopted other gods. The big lie about this is that Jews claim they have a jealous god, when in fact it is the jealous Jews propping that up, as seen in Old Testament Canaan and Egypt and against modern Germany in both World Wars. This is also why Crypto whore Merkel is destroying Germany today.

14:30 – Note that Bjerknes says Jews have been segregated for 2500 years. That takes them back to circa 400 – 500 BCE, when males first dominated the Jewish priesthood. That’s when women became secondary to men, as opposed to the Egyptian pharaohs of that age that were matriarchal.

22:00 – Here is another important point that has largely been forgotten. Britain did think they were descended from the tribes of Israel, and this may be a valid point. When Akhenaten and Nefertiti were kicked out of Egypt in the 14th Century CE, there is a lot of evidence that they went into Ireland and Scotland, among other Western European lands.

22:50 – I agree that there were many US financial and family connections to Germany before the Jewish propaganda started up in World War I. A lot of Americans at that time wanted Germany to win, including the war profiteers in the Bush family.

23:20 – Many period magazines and newspapers showed graphic pictures of Germans committing atrocities against Jews. However, some researchers have found the original pictures that showed a completely different story. The original images had been doctored to produce damning fakes to influence the American public to join WWI.

24:45 – Read the Balfour Agreement. This was a secret and deliberately vague British document that allowed the Zionists to take over Palestine, if they influenced the US into World War I.

25:50 – The Zionists were behind the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Thanks, Crypto Jews!

27:10 – Note how the Zionists declared they would be the best group to lead a New World Order. That’s right around the time the League Of Nations / United Nations scheme started.

33:50 – The fable of Esau and Jacob is brought up. Note that Jacob usurped his brother’s inheritance through trickery. This is a fable because do you honestly believe that somebody would give up their entire inheritance over a triviality?

36:00 – Bjerknes brings up Akhenaton as the true founder of monotheism. Note that the Hyksos link is mentioned.

39:00 – Bjerknes excuses the Vatican’s atrocities. I don’t think so! He goes on to say the Catholic Church inherited the ‘mystical body of Christ.’ This is bullshit, because Jews do not believe Jesus was the Messiah or a son of God.

39:50 – John Calvin was really named John Cohen? I will have to dig around to verify this. The same with this idea that Martin Luther ‘worked for the Jews.’ By the way, there is a rumor that the first Jesuits were Jews, so I’ll have to check in on that one as well.

41:00 – The concept of Catholic saints is pantheonism. I’m not exactly sure about where this started, but my guess is that it first came from Canaan or India, and before the gods of Rome and Greece.

42:00 – The uninformed host believes the official story that Columbus discovered America. At 43:00, Bjerknes adds that they expected America to be uninhabited. This is idea debunked by both historical accounts and OOPARTS. I believe the Europeans knew exactly what they would find in the Americas, namely cultures of snake-worshipers with gods such as Quetzalcoatl and Kukulcan.

45:00 – I don’t believe this idea that the Popes were Crypto Jews.

48:20 – Bjerknes states that Jews created Islam. In my research, I know that if a man named Mohammed really did exist to found Islam, he was an Indian Tsabaist who was more likely influenced by the Vatican than Jewry.

49:50 – De Broglie had a clearer theory of quantum physics than Einstein.

55:25 – We are told that from historic times, Jews have been accused of not producing anything worthwhile, in culture, science or music. The oddity here is that many metaphysical and channeling sources say the same thing about reptilians. The Jews didn’t even produce their own god. El was a Canaanite bull / fertility god. Jah was a volcano god before he became Jahve / Jehovah / Yahweh, and monotheism came from Egypt’s sun god Aten. The later sun god Jesus came from the Gnostic Christians before becoming adopted by Constantine.

We know that Jews get a lot of Nobel prizes, right? So that means they can produce some great intellectuals, or does it? How many great Jews can you name from before modern times, in the period from, say, the 1800s on down into antiquity? Where is the world class Jewish musician or writer for the ages? Are you telling me that Jews only got smart after the 19th Century, or was it propaganda pushing that narrative? Marx was socialist garbage, and spiritual Jung wins hands down over materialist Freud. As far as Nobel prizes go, well, didn’t the illegal Kenyan get a peace prize after starting some 8 illegal wars, and then the notorious terrorists White Hats get another one? So yeah, the Nobel organization has shown itself to be politically biased in recent times, making me wonder if it’s always been that way.


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