Music, Surf Rock: Messer Chups – Incredible Crocotiger (Full Album)

These Russians have rebel hearts, top notch rockabilly or is it Ruskabilly? lol. Not trying to be offensive at all, just couldnt help it…sounded cool really, do the Ruskabilly Stomp? Sorry… I’ll stop. Thanks for the killer upload! – Dave K


YT description: From Russia with love. Enjoy it. I do not own the rights to this album. Year: 2015

Title: Messer Chups – The Incredible Crocotiger (Full Album 2015) (YT link) Uploaded by Julian Alvarez.

01. Ghost Party 0:00
02. Magneto 2:29
03. Moonrace 5:20
04. Flesh and Blood 8:01
05. War Party 10:23
06. Jokermobile 13:21
07. Son of Chupacabra 15:42
08. Crocotiger 18:46
09. Curse of Stephen Kong 21:11
10. Horns and Hooves 23:58
11. Tomb Sweet Tomb 26:28
12. Insomnia of the Mummies 29:26
13. The Menace 33:46
14. Titi Caca Titi 36:36
15. Insomnia of the Mummies (Faster Version) 40:11


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