England: 2015 – Johnathan Pie On David Cameron, The Pig Fuckah!

Just in case you missed it, here’s Johnathan Pie doing a comedy skit on an allegation that surfaced in 2015, regarding British Prime Minister David Cameron. A couple of posts ago, I put up a video regarding Secret Society invitation only events, which brought this to mind.

Here is a Yahoo search for this heinous alleged event.

David Cameron, unique among his peers by preferring to both fuck dead pigs in the mouth and small children. His peers being limited to preferring to fuck small children. The queen is most sensitive about this, going to Canada to kidnap indigenous children for her ritual sacrifices. Children thoroughly fucked prior to being killed. Remember, the moral code forced upon you only applies to you, not government that only creates and enforces it. Therefore anything the government people and the most non nobility does is perfectly legal. That is it for today’s news, be sure to get back to work as you are eternally in debt to the government people. Taxing your asses to death and telling you it is good for you and you should like it…………. – rocketmanxl


YT description: Jonathan Pie, British news journalist ,calls Prime Minister David Cameron a “Pig F****r” during a recording of a news report.To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@storyful.com

Title: Jonathan Pie: Reporter rants about David Cameron the “pig f***er” (YT link) Uploaded by Johnathan Pie.


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