Japan: 30 Inches Of Rain In 9 Hours, 400,000 Evacuated

YT description: July 5, 2017: Some 400 000 people have been ordered or advised to evacuate on Wednesday, July 5, 2017 after extreme amounts of rain hit western Japan, causing major floods and landslides. As of late afternoon (local time), at least one person has been killed and 6 are still missing, believed to be buried under mud or swept away by raging rivers. Parts of Fukuoka Prefecture saw 398 mm (15.6 inches) of rain within just 4 hours, more than the region usually receives during the entire month of July. Heavy rain is expected to continue at least until Thursday night.



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Title: *Unprecedented* – 400,000 evacuated as 30 inches of rain falls in 9 hours! (YT link) Uploaded by Mr MBB333.


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