Mandela Effect: Ending Of Predator Movie Has Changed!

Video from Aug. 2016.

I can’t visualize the original ending of the Predator movie, from back in the 80s and early 90s. I have seen this new version before, with the chopper coming down and Arnie holding his hip like that, probably in the mid-2000s when I was renting all sorts of DVD movies.

HI mate, i was the biggest arnie fan when i was a teenager and predator and terminator were the best movies, i have watched it over 100 times, this never happened that way 100% unless this is from the directors cut or something, but still with all the other mandella effects paticuarly the changing in colour of the A team van i am beconming a believer after originally just thinking it was peoples memories playing tricks, thanks for posting this!!! – Eddie Hicks

Definitely different…I ran platter projector at small town movie housewhen this came out..I used to crank the volume for like the helicopter/Long Tall Sally drop scenes…I have seen this film Well over 300 times, f’real…that is Not the original ending, esp. the helicopter being broadside, nor was Arnold s hand resting on his hip..all prissy like…. in the final scene he was just standing there looking up in the blast Circle… That is bizarre – Christian Radio

predator 1 is my favorite movie of all times it’s the very first movie i’ve ever watched and followed its story as a child my father owned a cassette i cant tell you how many times i’ve watched this movie ! the chopper doesn’t go down he just looks up and they look at him then we see him in the chopper – Kouiji B


YT description: Did the ending to predator change ? Not what I remembered. Is it a Mandela effect?

Title: Mandela effect – Has the ending to the film predator been altered ??? (YT link) Uploaded by Gemini Vision.


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