Ancient Malta: Neil McDonald – Malta And Gozo, Megalithic Islands

YT description: New light on ancient civilizations comes from Malta’s temples and artifacts left by amazing prehistoric builders more than a thousand years ahead of Stonehenge and the pyramids. For the first time anywhere, an in-depth look at a mysteriously advanced people who created gigantic stone monuments on the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo. It took years to assemble the data. It took experts in a wide range of studies to bring their observations together before anyone would understand the implications. What have we been missing?

Title: The Advanced Ancient Malta Civilization that Created the Worlds Oldest Temples [FULL VIDEO] (YT link) Uploaded by Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries.

Neil McDonald: Malta And Gozo, Mysterious Megalithic Islands – (2017) 3 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 12 minutes. This is a good and thorough description of several of Malta’s ancient sites. It is a bit of a dry lecture, however, and I didn’t really advance my knowledge in the aspects I was hoping to hear about, namely the rituals that once took place within the temples, and clues as to how they were designed. Other alternative archeologists do a better job at this, they’ll give ten minutes of dry material, followed by some tantalizing speculation, followed by more dry material. So, while McDonald’s presentation is fairly good, it turned out to be more of a prolonged description than anything else.


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