Transpicuous Views: 06/25/17 – Loops And Cycles

Are the particles CERN is accelerating really us? Great talk!


YT description: Further to, and hugely expanding on last weeks Transpicuous Views show and the UnFuckIt Discussion…. Did we just “loop”?  Are we, on some strange level, looped back to 2013?   Today’s TV show we dig into this discussion about “Loops” and “Cycles” and the experiences that many people have had, and are having right now, that coincide with events of 2013.  There is a lot more to this than we’ve managed to cover in this 2 hour episode, and I suspect that we’re going to discover some very surprising pieces to this puzzle!!  The “Financial” aspect to this seems to be a major focus. But what does that mean energetically?  How is it relevant in this “now”, and what’s the next step?

For more information from this episode of Transpicuous Views and all the links from this weeks show, please go to RTS Earth HERE:…

Title: Transpicuous Views June 25 2017: Loops & Cycles (YT link) Uploaded by Removing The Shackles.


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