Scarab Round Table: 06/26/17 – Mandela Effect, Guest Lone Eagle

This discussion is entertaining, but it is at a low or entry level of understanding. Basically, the panel is reacting to recent and new changes. That’s fine, except at one point the guys complain that they get burned out and have to take breaks from ME. At the same time, they don’t want to get into metaphysical, political or other conspiracy hot topics like Chemtrails, CERN and Planet X. (They do talk a little about Flat Earth, though.) So, whose fault is it that these guys have boxed themselves into one-topic reporters? How about being a little more proactive about looking for answers, instead of waiting for answers to drop down on your head?


YT description: Special guest Lone Eagle. With your hosts Angela, Josh – Life Matrix, and Dan – Scarabperformance.

Title: Mandela Monday 6/26/17 (YT link) Uploaded by Scarab Performance.


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