Ancient Malta: Jimmy Swagger On The 6,000 Year Old Hypogeum

This post in is preparation for an article on Ancient Malta I am currently working on. I have several more related videos coming up on this subject.


YT description:

In this show James talks about The Hypogeum in Malta. This is a site that is over 6000 years old, yet shows signs of advanced knowledge of building and acoustics. James then talks more in depth about the megalithic builders and the commonalities between ancient sites despite there geographical separation. The rock art, the symbolism, the knowledge – all the same.

Who were these people?

And just how did they find out about the almost magical properties of the frequency 432Hz? James talks at length about this and other aspects of the acoustical knowledge displayed in the megalithic sites.

Title: The 6000 Year Old Hypogeum in Malta (YT link) Uploaded by Disclosure Nation.

Jimmy Swagger: The 6,000 Year Old Hypogaeum In Malta – (2016) 4 stars

Run time: 50 minutes. For this review, I’m only touching on subjects I haven’t heard before. We have a repeat guess of an unknown culture that goes back 4,000 years, with advanced knowledge of engineering and acoustics. Swagger mentions a pit that is 26 feet deep at the bottom of the third level. This pit may go on further, but guides don’t allow people in there, and they are very selective when lighting up that portion of their tour.

The oracle chamber at the bottom of the third floor is capable of resonating throughout the entire three levels.

Hexagons on the ceiling are painted in red ochre. There is no natural red ochre in Malta, giving rise to speculation that it may have come from Italy. Other artwork has the shape of the female womb and the solar wheel with 8 spokes.

Swagger describes a ceremonial bowl at Taragen (?) Temple. This bowl is triangular, concave at the bottom and weighs about 1 ton. This bowl is similar to one found in Ireland at a megalithic mound.

Another place with similar acoustical properties as the Hypogaeum is found in Colombia. Colombian and Ireland shamanic art are very similar. The problem linking Malta to Colombia is that the timeframe when the structures were built does not match.

The mainstream theory is that primitive people used antler horns to dig out the temple at Malta out. Seriously, mainstream turkeys, that’s the best you can do here? Antler horns on solid rock, huh? That’s as bad as hammers and chisels supposedly used to build the pyramids. To contradict that, mechanical drill holes have been found. These perforations are like the ones modern demolition might use before dynamite charges are set.

Swagger goes on to talk about acoustics and cosmology. He does make a very interesting observation, when he claims that CERN is creating the tiny particles they claim to be looking for. By smashing tiny bits together and making even tinier bits, they’re observation is not something that was there before, but what they created through their own efforts.


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