Mandela Effect: Anatomy – Are Human Skulls Becoming Elongated?

Video from Oct. 2016.

This is my TENTH video describing changes to the physical human form. Search this blog for Mandela Effect anatomy to see the previous entries. I don’t remember those deep indents either. The channel MB is referring to for the Paracas skulls is Brien Foerster, whom I also follow. Link below.

I have been watching more and more videos on the mandela effect and I am still amazed by all of the things that resonate with me. I am a registered nurse and studied human anatomy and physiology in nursing school, these changes in human anatomy are one of the things that astonishes me the most. I am completely floored. Thank you for your video and I’m still having a hard time accepting this and am trying to understand what all of this means. It is pretty scary not knowing why this is happening. – Ashley H

Our skulls have not always had bones behinds the eyes. Remember how doctors used to do lobotomies on psychiatric patients? That would be impossible now. Excellent video. Please keep up the good work. – Michele Travis

Good video, I am working up a story on the body and will pimp this video. – Dr Tarrin P Lupo (hilarious comment, Lupo has one of the best round tables on Youtube, search for my many posts featuring Dr Lupo!)

The voting:

No indents – 242

Indents – 53


YT description: The Mandela Effect Has made many people aware of several human anatomy changes that they remember different in another reality that they were conscious in. Today I am talking about the skull and how in this reality it resembles the paracas Peru skulls more in the temporal region.

Here is a link to Brien’s channel:…

Previous voting videos:…

Title: The Mandela Effect (The Human Skull’s Temples Are More Like Elongated Skulls Now) Please Vote #64 (YT link) Uploaded by Moneybags73.


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