Lift The Veil: 06/23/17 – Webb, Acton, Defango And Montagraph

Yeah, Nathan pretty much destroys Montagraph in this broadcast. I used to post his videos every so often, but not anymore. That guy sucks.


YT description: We’re getting the message that our work is done on #WebbGate as the web seems to be unraveling on its own at this point. Quinn Michael is going to be calling in and we’ll talk about what he’s been looking into. George Webb, Jason Goodman, Defango, Dave Acton, Seth Rich, Lift the Veil. Taking calls.

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Title: Day X: Moving On. #WebbGate, George Webb, Dave Acton, Defango, Montagraph (Lift the Veil)  (YT link) Uploaded by Lift The Veil.


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