United States: Scumbag Cops Lure Dog Out Of Yard, Then Shoot It

YT description: #HorizonCity, TX — Disturbing body camera footage was released this week showing El Paso County sheriff’s deputies lure a dog out of a fenced in backyard and then fatally shoot it seven times. The dog’s owners now want answers.

According to police, they were called to the neighborhood that day on reports of an aggressive dog roaming the neighborhood. However, Zeus, the mastiff they killed, was not that dog, according to neighbors and the dog’s owners.

Billy Lopez and Eliza Silva are Zeus’ owners. They were not at home when police came to their backyard with a can of dog food and guns and said that Zeus was killed by mistake.The video begins as deputies and animal control are leaning over the fence trying to lure the dog out of the yard and over to them. At this point, the dog was in its own backyard, entirely not aggressive, and not a threat to anyone. However, police would make sure to change that scenario.

Title: Police In the America Kill 500,000 Dogs A Year This Is One Case (YT link) Uploaded by LiamXmaiL Revolution.


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