Jordan Codices: Earliest Writings Of Jesus Are Suppressed – Part 1

Interview from May of 2017.

These would prove that Jesus was a Gnostic, sheep, just like the Dead Sea Scrolls already show. Everything that came after this was fabricated by the Church of Rome. Read the Gospel of Thomas, and move forward from the lies you’ve been brainwashed with. If I had to guess, the ‘revival’ mentioned in the second quote would be a combination of Zoroastrianism and Buddhism, both of which most likely came from India, LIKE THE JEWS DID.

The official story:

The Jordan Lead Codices, (or the Jordanian Codices), are a collection of codices allegedly found in a cave in Jordan and first publicized in March 2011. A number of scholars and a November 2012 regional BBC News investigation have pronounced them fakes. In December 2016, a radioactivity test performed at the University of Surrey’s Ion Beam Centre confirmed the old age of the lead used, but not the inscriptions. As of 2017, both the Israeli antiquities authority and the Jordanian archaeological department regard them as forgeries.Wikipedia

Ellkington believes that much of the opposition to the Codices is coming from Christian fundamentalist scholars who are against any evidence that would challenge their interpretation of history. One of the reasons he believes that fundamentalists and mainstream scholars are suppressing the codices is that they point to the “potential unity of three of the world’s great religions” (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.) From limited translations of the tablets, Elkington believes that they point to an earlier version of Christian theology which would mean that it is “a lot older than the first century” and that Christ may have been involved in a revival rather than the founding of a new religion. – Link to Coast 2 Coast show.


Title: Earliest Hebrew Writings Of Jesus Found In Jordan! Part1 (YT link) Uploaded by Daze Of Deception.


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