Before The Moon 07 – Article Reviews By Raymond Towers

Before The Moon Existed – Article 7

Biblioteca Pleiades Speculation

By Raymond Towers

(Source: The Day The Moon Was Made – 24 Hours Of Chaos) Here is the scenario, as proposed by scientists: A proto-planet half the size of Earth crashes into a young Earth. This isn’t a head-on collision, but a glancing blow. It adds angular momentum to the Earth, and creates the Moon in the process. In this supposedly glancing blow, the outer layers of both planets are stripped away, and the iron cores meld together. The rocky debris coalesces into becoming the Moon, and the pair of iron cores eventually becomes the Earth as we know it today. There are some other details to this theory, but you get the idea. This paints a nice and pretty picture without any loose ends. Certain scientists would have you not scrutinize this scenario too closely or else its many faults will rise into prominence. I won’t bother pointing them out; just look through my previous posts and you’ll see them.

This article is largely pointless.

(Source: The Lunar Connection, taken from the book The Ringmakers Of Saturn) I’ve read the book and watched a couple of lectures by its author. Basically, the concept theorizes that immense space vehicles travel to and use plasma electricity on planets and moons. These ships also artificially form the rings on the planet Saturn.

We start here with the idea that space vehicles had gone to two of Saturn’s moons, Dione and Iapetus. The observations lead the author to conclude that on Iapetus, an electromagnetic current is sent from the vehicle to the moon, and this current is strong enough to heat the moon’s alleged iron core. The interaction is said to cause scarring of the moon, such as craters and ridges. In this hypothesis, the diameter of a crater would be in close approximation to the diameter of the spaceship. Because these spaceships are thought to be capable of long-range cruises, as in between planets, it is thought that other planetary bodies might have also been visited by them in the past, or in the present.

Since the topography of the Moon is well mapped out, it would be fairly simple to study its craters for evidence of electromagnetic tampering. The crater Mare Orientale, for example, has an outer ridge with a diameter of 600 miles, and an inner ridge of 550 miles. The center of this crater is about 150 miles wide, and it is not flat. A deep hole is said to puncture the center, with dark basalt on its floor. The eastern side of this hole appears glazed. Radial markings, that is, markings that stretch away from the hole like the spokes of a wheel, are seen to the north and south at an angle of 100 degrees, but not to the east and west. Since the markings are not consistent, the theory that the crater was caused by a meteor crash can be dismissed.

To the north of the crater, we have two undulating lines across a band of terrain. To the right of these lines is a radial marking, to the left is smooth rippled surface that changes into pitted, and between the lines is a series of packed, overlapping craters. The mechanism that produced these features is given as being a high temperature, pinched-plasma flow. A few other examples of a similar nature are given. Judging from the size and texture of the surface terrain findings, an estimate of the size of the spacecraft that produced this is given at 600 miles in diameter.

We have one study that suggests that a magnetic field once existed on the Moon, 3 to 4 billion years ago. We have another study claiming that the age of Mare Orientale is also 3 to 4 billion years old. What happens when we combine those results with the idea of a spaceship shooting a beam of plasma at the Moon? Hypothesis: The Moon had a magnetic field, a spaceship came along and blasted electromagnetic energy at the Moon and formed the crater. After this attack, the magnetic field is gone. Factoring in this whole idea that the Moon may be hollow and inhabited, and we have a scenario of galactic warfare. Hostile beings in a long, tubular spaceship came along and blasted the beings in a gigantic, round spaceship we call the Moon. Do we have any historical or mythological corroboration of this? Actually, we do. The Indian Vedas are said to speak of a time of war on the Moon, where the rulers of India used Vimana spacecraft against their enemies, but I can’t reference this more precisely as I’ve only read a simplified version of the Ramayana so far. Also, it can be inferred that electromagnetic starships have been around for at least 3 to 4 billion years. Compare that with the Earth’s estimated age of 4.6 billions years.

Moving on, the article mentions that while the rings of Saturn have substantially been the same, size-wise, they have not been the same identically. This means they are being in a way artificially maintained, and after all, this is an excerpt from a book called The Ringmakers Of Saturn. What can we decipher from knowing this information? First, the ship must be under intelligent control. The operators must have a vastly superior knowledge of nuclear physics, aeronautics, astronautics, magneto-hydro-dynamics and engineering. If there are beings inside these spacecraft, they must have long-term, goal-oriented and non-self-destructive perspectives.

There is mention that if humans knew such beings existed, and if the beings were able to wield this enormous destructive power at will, people would necessarily become frightened. The good news is that so far these extraterrestrial beings have not attacked us.

Next, the article points to the mysterious explosion that took place in Tunguska, Russia, in 1908. In this blast, 1200 miles of land was devastated. Eyewitnesses reported seeing a flaming, cylindrical vehicle in the sky right before the explosion occurred. After extensive study, the conclusion emerged that the cause of the blast was an aerial nuclear detonation. Apparently the nuclear explosion at Hiroshima, Japan, had a similar destruction pattern, and is cited as further evidence. Other scientists have postulated that this was perhaps a nuclear-powered spaceship that blew up.

Most sightings of these extremely large spaceships have been localized around Saturn, the article remarks, and perhaps Saturn serves as their operational base. Adding to their mastery of nuclear power and electro-potential fields, these ships are also able to change the surface of planetary bodies, and maybe they can even move the smaller celestial bodies, like moons, around at their whim.

The article theorizes that while these electromagnetic vehicles are not outright destroying entire cities and devastating populations, they are quite capable of causing smaller calamities and catastrophes. These include earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and even large fires. These vehicles could even be altering humans by broadcasting electromagnetic waves at humans from thousands of miles away. Let me add here that from my research in weather modification and manipulation, I will confirm that the natural events described above, except for forest fires that I’m uncertain of, can be produced by artificial mechanisms such as HAARP and Nexrad. Also, several of the previous articles I’ve already covered have hinted that the Moon is sending out waves that affect human thought patterns and / or DNA.

We go on to the idea that while we know what weather is, it is still largely a mystery as to how weather first appears. This is why weather is, after so much money spent in research and instrumentation, still so unpredictable.

The article goes on to refer to ‘dry lightning,’ which is lightning that occurs when the sky is completely clear of clouds. This phenomenon has been observed on Earth, on Saturn and on Saturn’s moon Iapetus. The finger is pointed at electromagnetic ships causing the dry lightning away from Earth, and that perhaps the proximity of these vessels causes dry lightning here as well. Think of static electricity here. These ships either affect Earth weather by their presence or deliberately, and neither theory conflicts with what is known of weather today.

Going back to Saturn, we have different space vehicles responsible for maintaining different rings. To prevent collisions, a buffer space has been created between the rings, and these are known as divisions. Perhaps these divisions or gaps contain material, or not. So many spacecraft are said to gather around Saturn’s rings, that the article compares the location to a crowded, polluted parking lot, depending on how many vehicles are around and what each of them are doing.

Finding spacecraft of this nature may be as simple as finding a planet’s rings, or by testing for electromagnetic emissions or exhaust. Perhaps, it is not only the pollution made by man that is dirtying up Earth’s skies. Perhaps spacecraft are responsible for some of it. The article mentions the falling of acid rain in locations far from any factories that might produce such weather.

In its fly-by of Saturn, Voyager 1 reported 15 satellites around the gas giant. The majority if these were composed of ice, including Iapetus, and this moon was reported to have an enormous spacecraft floating nearby. A further theory is that the ringmakers not only transformed the water of these moons into ice, but may also be responsible for creating the ice poles on Earth. (Update: In the Hopi creation myth, the Earth was unstable until a being known as Spider Woman went and balanced it, by creating the north and south pole. What a coincidence, huh?)

On September 22, 1979, a satellite reported a great flash of light between South Africa and Antarctica. Federal laboratories concluded that this flash was a nuclear blast. Two camps formed among the top brass in the White House. One camp saw this as an authentic nuclear explosion, while the other thought this was a natural event that mimicked a nuclear blast. Again, the author of this article points to a potential vehicle from space being responsible, and that such a disturbance in the future might very well precipitate a nuclear exchange between hostile nations.

This article goes on for several more pages, but since the focus is more on giant electromagnetic vehicles and no further mention of the Moon occurs, I will move on to the next one.

(Source: The Moon: What Is It And Who Made It?) This next piece opens up with previously reported information. The Earth is estimated to be 4.6 billion years old. Moon rocks, however, are tabulated at 5.3 billion years, and Moon dust is thought to be perhaps a billion years even older than that. Why the huge discrepancy?

Some facts:

The Moon is suspected as having multiple magnetic fields.

The Moon affects the tides on Earth. This is very important because many sea creatures use the tides to produce eggs. Without the Moon’s guidance, it is thought that much of the life in the sea would die.

The Moon stabilizes the Earth’s rotation.

Moving on, the Apollo missions set up seismographs on the Moon, as was covered in a previous article. In this instance, it is said that NASA has been silent regarding tremors, or Moonquakes, that are taking place on the dark side of the Moon. Scientists looked at 9,000 seismic events on the Moon and came up with 30 possible ‘nests’ of Moonquakes. This has led them to conclude, as others have, that the Moon is hollow.

There is some discussion of other studies that have found magnetic fields on the dark side of the Moon, and of the possibility, which is disputed, of the existence of mini-magnetospheres on the lunar surface.

There is also mention of the various materials found on the Moon, such as titanium, iron oxide, uranium and neptunium. One substance I believe wasn’t covered before was zinc, found by Apollo 11. This element was found in orange Moon dust, and is believed to be volcanic ejecta, although no sign of a volcano has ever been found on the Moon.

The Moon’s near-perfect orbit is mentioned, as well as a theory that due to the placement of the Moon’s center of gravity, it should wobble. It cannot be an accident, the article goes on to state, that the Moon does not wobble.

More mythological historical references:

Aristotle and Plutarch mention the Proselenes, or people who were around before the Moon. This was covered more in-depth in Article 2 of this series.

Hieroglyphs in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, have been interpreted as giving the arrival of the Moon at 11,500 to 13,000 years ago. These are significant time frames because they match the approximate dates for the end of large Ice Age, and because 13,000 years is half of a Zodiac cycle.

Between 1540 and 1967, NASA collected 570 reports of light flashing on the Moon. Also mentioned are the 12-mile long bridge at Mare Crisium, a tower of 1 mile in height in Ukert, a spire that rises 5 miles in Sinus Medii, and several obelisks that rise up to 150 feet as reported by Lunar Orbiter II.

(Source: Who Built The Moon?) This article centers on an interview with Christopher Knight, who wrote a book titled Who Built The Moon? The interview was published in the New Dawn publication. The author claims that the material that formed the Moon came from a newly formed Earth, circa 4.6 billion years ago, from a shallow depression in what later became the Pacific Ocean. According to this author’s research, an advanced measuring system was widely used on Earth some 5,000 years ago. This system was based on the mass, dimensions and movements of the Earth, and correlates with both the Moon and Sun, but not with any other celestial body. He calls this a ‘blueprint’ where the Moon was made according to units taken from the Earth’s relationship to the Sun. An example of this is the idea that the Moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun, but also 400 times closer, and the fact that the Moon mimics the Sun’s location on opposite solstices. (I believe a previous article stated the Moon was 600 times smaller and 600 times closer.)

Knight credits a Professor Alexander Thom from Oxford University as discovering the use of the Megalithic Yard, which is based on the rotation of the Earth and led to the measurements of time, capacity and weight that we know today.

Further, Knight points to the Moon having a base 10 arithmetic, which implies that the Moon was built by a sentient species having 10 digits, or fingers, and that of course leads to the inference that the Moon was built by humans. In high speculation, Knight theorizes that time travel machines could have been sent back to when Earth was a young planet, to scoop material out of the Pacific and form the Moon, and thus begin the many cycles that allow humanity, and the seasons, plants and sea life, to begin to evolve.


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