Aliens? Possible Non-Human Mummy Discovered In Nazca, Peru

Here’s where I stand on this strange discovery. Gaia dot com is run by David Wilcox, whom I don’t trust very much. He’s been promoting the false Antarctica / alien technology / frozen alien meme and has zilch to show for evidence. (Until now, I guess!) Jay Weidner, whom you will see in this video, I do trust, after having listened to a number of his interviews.

Then we have Jaime Maussan. This guy is a scam artist deluxe. I’ve come across at least 4 instances where this guy has lied to make a buck.

  1. He tried to bully a UFO abductee from Puerto Rico to give up his pictures and story, when the young man was afraid of the negative publicity on him and his family.
  2. He had that paid Arizona (not sure?) show where he claimed he’d found a real Mexican UFO artifact that turned out to be fake, and it was proven fake before the show went live, so he basically milked the attendees out of their money.
  3. Some guy in the US ran a UFO scam, got caught, and went to Mexico where Maussan picked up the same scam and pretended he didn’t know it was a hoax.
  4. He told a Truther I do trust that his pictures and testimony were not credible during a UFO conference, and then after the show he tried to buy those same ‘not credible’ pictures from the Truther. This may have been Crow777 and his Lunar Wave videos.

Sorry I don’t have more details than that, but that’s all I recall offhand. I’ll try to find a video showing Maussan’s fakery next. So I don’t trust Wilcox, I do trust Weidner, and I especially do not trust Maussan!

Update: There are a lot of videos calling Maussan a charlatan, but they are all in Spanish. Also, the related Alien Project and Theirry Jamin videos are in French. Supposedly, Gaia took their ideas and evidence and are pretending it was Gaia who discovered all this. I’ll look for some videos in English later.

I think having three independent research teams performing the investigation lends incredible weight to the validity of the claims being made. Excellent work, Gaia! – Patricia Curtis

Gaïa TV not a Single Word about Thierry Jamin and Inkari Institute, but Maussan Maussan Maussan and Maussan. You are traitors, Shame on you, THIS IS NOT YOUR DISCOVERY, YOU HAVE NO MERIT ON THIS. – Patrick Tena

toes too straight, fingers dont bend at joints 1 eye still has eyelid the other doesnt…covered in watever that is that ive never seen on a mummy and nobodies wearing protective gear besides gloves…..i call bullshit – Mike Evans


YT description: A new anomalous discovery has been unearthed in Peru. Join Gaia’s ongoing investigation and decide for yourself if this is proof of a non-human species.

Ready to find out your own answers?

Stay on top of the news:

Title: SPECIAL REPORT: UNEARTHING NAZCA | Only on! (YT link) Uploaded by Gaia.


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