Before The Moon 06 – Article Reviews By Raymond Towers

Before The Moon Existed – Article 6

Biblioteca Pleiades Speculation

By Raymond Towers

(Source: The Late Great Bombardment) This is just a quick reference, referring to a period of time between 4.1 and 3.8 billion years ago, when the vast majority of lunar craters are said to have formed. The majority of crater impacts on Earth, Mars, Mercury and Venus may have similar dating.

(Source: Our Enigmatic Moon) According to this next article, in 1968 the Apollo 8 mission went into orbit around the Moon. A colossal object was observed and pictured, but it was gone the next time the Apollo vessel made its orbit. No pictures have ever been released. Another time, when the lunar module was about 4 miles from the surface, a UFO was seen rising from a crater and quickly speeding away. In 1969, Buzz Aldrin is said to have been studying the lunar surface from space, when he saw two UFOs come by to study the Apollo rocket he was in. To his surprise, the two UFOs merged together and became one UFO. The article further states that Apollo 11 reported a fleet of UFOs lined up inside a crater. Astronomer Patrick Moore claimed to have discovered over 100 bases on the Moon. The article further states that over 1,000 such bases, all with a diameter of at least 700 feet, have been witnessed.

The article goes on to say that no such spacecraft anomalies were reported before the 1950s. What I find strange about this is that it was in the 1950s that I believe the US first began to use flying disc or UFO technology, which they acquired from German scientists and engineers after World War II. Were ETs on the Moon before humanity became aware of them, or did they somehow only show up once the US began to build flying saucers? In an earlier article, it was mentioned that all manner of light anomalies, from flashes to mist to geysers, were visible to astronomers from the 16th through 19th Centuries. These astronomers knew what carriages and ships looked like, so surely they would have made some comment if they saw a ship-like object floating or moving about on the Moon’s surface.

A comment is made regarding the depth of craters on the Moon, which was covered in an earlier article. However, this piece claims that there is a dense wall of metal at that depth, that it could be as much as 20 miles thick, and that the Moon is hollow, because that would be the only explanation that would cover the majority of the anomalies that have been reported.

Next, the article’s author points to the evidence of air existing on the Moon, and not an empty vacuum as NASA claims. As evidence, he points out how the American flag waved, how dust was picked up when the astronauts moved about (dust should not lift, but cling together in a vacuum), the rocket exhaust from the lander and the way the astronauts bound about on the lunar surface.

Also, the weak rocket exhaust was not strong enough to pull away from the Moon’s gravity. There wasn’t enough fuel to allow the rocket to make it back to Earth, unless some other, secret technology such as anti-gravity propulsion was used. Again, I must point out that in my study of the ancient Vimana from India, the concept of reducing the weight of a flying craft by using mercury, plasma, electromagnetic and centrifugal forces is one that should not be lightly dismissed. German scientists studying the ancient Vedas were able to produce the Nazi Bell, which was said to have anti-gravity properties, among other claims such as time travel and the ability to produce wormholes.

The article gives an age for Moon rocks at being 5.3 billion years old, while Earth is thought to be about 4.6 billion years old. Not only that, but the estimated age would make the Moon older than our entire solar system.

Viewers watching the live broadcasts of the Apollo missions also commented on various anomalies. For instance, people stated that they witnessed an astronaut bending down to pick up a glass bottle. The astronaut reportedly said, “My God, I can’t believe it! Look at this!” Right after, the screen went blank. Other viewers noted the extreme difficulty the astronauts had when drilling into the surface of lunar marias. When the drill was pulled out, what looked to them like metal shavings came out with it. Brass (this is not a natural element, but an alloy of copper and zinc), mica, and titanium were discovered. Also found were Uranium 236 and Neptunium 237, which, according to scientists, are not ever found in nature.

Other reported anomalies include: clouds and lightning, strange moving shadows and objects, spires which rise thousands of feet, a huge boulder trying to climb uphill to the rim of a crate, complete with tracks behind it, the shrinking of Luna Crater from a diameter of six miles to 1.5 miles, hill effects (?) in craters appearing and disappearing in a matter of hours, over 800 scientific observations of blinking and flashing lights, several large pyramid structures, surface rifts with entrances, massive girders, machinery, blocks of metal 1,000 kilometers long, massive tears in the lunar surface exposing equally massive interior plumbing, crosses one mile long, and finally, enormous excavating equipment. According to this article, professional astronomers have been discouraged from investigating these TLP, or Transient Lunar Phenomena, leaving the brunt of the research to be done by enthusiastic and dedicated amateurs.

Clouds, along with lightning, are said to appear with sudden speed, and one cloud formation was reportedly large enough to cover over 100 square miles. This should put to rest the idea that the Moon is a dry and barren place.

There is further mention of the Moon’s orbit. The perfectly circular orbit invalidates that the Moon was somehow captured Earth’s gravity. The Moon is simply too large and too far away. Also, the Moon does not turn, but presents a single face to Earth. (Objects free-floating in a vacuum should rotate, from what I’ve learned about the vacuum in space.) This ‘capture’ theory has since been modified to allow for the Moon to be ‘steered’ into position. And lastly, as I mentioned before, the Moon is in the perfect position to cover the sun during an eclipse.

Giving further credence to the Hollow Moon Theory, is the fact that sound echoes pick up speed 40 miles deep into the lunar surface.

The author of this article believes that the Moon landings were faked, and also that they were not. He cites evidence from various conspiracy documentaries, showing such things as shadows being out of place and footage of NASA claiming that video of space was taken from inside a shuttle, when the shuttle was actually safely sitting on Earth. He postulates that the landings are false, but that astronauts did land on the Moon. The author wonders if the recent discontinuation of the space program is because further contact with the beings that inhabit the Moon might blow their cover-up wide open. If people start to become aware of an extraterrestrial presence, it might invalidate the imposed dogmas of Creation and Evolution, and thus the control mechanism being used on the masses would begin to disintegrate.

After citing police statistics that point to a rise in crime during a full moon, the article suggests that the Moon serves a more sinister purpose. The following information is given as having been channeled by one Ashayana Deane: A planet once existed named Maldek or Marduk. It orbited our Sol thousands of years ago, between Mars and Jupiter. A thriving civilization existed on this planet, up until it degenerated and this disharmony ended up destroying the planet. The debris is now an asteroid belt, and some of the metallic debris was used to form what in the Bible is referred to as the end-times calamity known as Wormwood. In addition to Wormwood, the Moon was also created in this way. In a simplistic and common sense fashion, it could be argued that more crimes take place during full moons because there is more light given off, which may explain some but not all categories of crime. But wait, there’s more.

The author goes on to say that the Moon gives off frequencies beneficial for the former residents of Marduk, and detrimental to the residents of Earth, both for the purposes of assimilating with Earth beings and to control the time on Earth. As evidence, the author points to how the menstrual cycle of human women is affected by the Moon. This is to gain control of when women are having babies, and to ensure there will always be a plentiful human population, for various nefarious purposes such as testing and DNA manipulation. This could have led to the overpopulation problems we are witnessing today. Further, the author states that the Moon affects not only the tides of the sea, but also the blood coursing through human veins. A second channeling source, unnamed in the article, states that the Moon is a giant supercomputer that can be intelligently programmed, corroborates the idea of frequencies being used to influence menstrual cycles, and adds that human DNA influencing has been manipulated by the Moon for eons.

(Source: Revisiting The Moon) This next article begins with a reference to Elle magazine. In the magazine, a story titled ‘The Sun Can Not Be Seen From Space,’ Sol is presented as being a hollow doorway through which life-giving energies come through. There is more to the planets in our solar system, the author states, other than them being simple inanimate objects that float about aimlessly.

Next, the article moves on to a book by Christopher Knight, titled Who Built The Moon. In this book, Knight describes the Moon as being 400 times smaller than Sol, but also located 400 times closer to the Earth. Thus, during a solar eclipse, the Moon and Sol appear to be the same size.

Further, the Moon mimics the movement of the sun at opposite solstices. The example is given of the Moon rising during mid-winter at the same point the sun rises in mid-summer. This would only be meaningful for a human being standing on Earth.

The Moon has benefits for human beings as well. According to this article, if the Moon weren’t at the precise size, mass and distance as it has been historically, there would be no intelligent life on Earth. The Moon stabilizes the Earth at such an angle to produce the seasons, and to keep water liquid throughout most of our planet. Without these effects, Earth would be as dead and solid as Venus. We owe everything to the Moon, scientists have stated.

There is some redundancy covered from previous articles. By studying the tracks of cosmic rays burned into Moon rocks, scientists have found that the Moon is older than both the Earth and the Sun, and as old as our solar system. Also, the Moon is too big, too old, too light in mass, and in such an extraordinary orbit that science is at a loss to account for why the Moon exists.

“The best explanation for the Moon is observational error; the Moon doesn’t exist.” – quote from Irwin Shapiro, Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Scientists have an easier time explaining why the Moon shouldn’t exist, than in explaining why it does exist.

“It was almost like the Moon had gigantic, hydraulic struts.” – quote from Shaun Solomon, MIT

“The Moon is a very powerful, electromagnetic computer.” – quote from Barbara Marciniak, from her book Earth.

Now for some good, old speculation: For eons now, the Moon has been projecting electromagnetic frequencies onto Earth, in order to maintain the two strands of human DNA. The Earth was anchored into orbit to serve as a mediating or monitoring device, a supercomputer or an eye-in-the-sky. Also, it inhibits the spiritual energies of human kundalini and limits human achievement.

“Credo Mutwa (Zulu shaman) tells me that the Zulus believe that the Moon comes from far, far away and it was hollowed out like the yolk taken out of an egg – and it was rolled across the heavens by two reptilian entities.” – quote from David Icke

Upon further investigation, Icke remarks on the parallel between the two reptilians and the Enki and Enlil figures in Sumerian mythology.

These reptilians, called Chitaulis, threatened to move the Moon and cause havoc upon the Earth if they were not obeyed. This has been borne out in previous articles. If the Moon were to be moved slightly one way or the other, numerous natural cycles on Earth, such as the menstrual periods of women and the growing of plants, among many, many other things, would be adversely affected.

The Moon itself is said to be a stabilizing tool, neither positive nor negative. It can be used for productiveness and for control as well, depending on who or what is in charge of it. It has an effect, not only on humans but on non-humans as well, and on beings that exist as pure consciousness with no physical form, in other dimensions on Earth. Control, it is mentioned, is being taken away from those that use the Moon now, by other beings that would use its influence in other ways, but the positive or negative results for humans would remain to be seen.

This article does offer hope. Human beings today are in an unnatural state with their consciousness stunted. Our children and grandchildren will have much better conditions than this. A form of Enlightenment is gradually dawning on humanity, and this is why such measures as over-medication and the police state have been thrust upon us.

The New World Order will lose in the end, but as I’ve said quite a few times in the past, they will not go quietly.


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