Before The Moon 05 – Article Reviews By Raymond Towers

Before The Moon Existed – Article 5

Biblioteca Pleiades Speculation

By Raymond Towers

(Source: Lunar Mysteries) This next article makes an obvious point. Why are there domed structures in the center of so many Moon craters? If a comet or meteor crashed into the Moon, it would have left a concave impact point; that is to say in the shape of a bowl. Any sort of structure seen in the center of any crater, whether natural or artificial, would necessarily enter that crater after the time of impact.

So far, I’ve only read about a few myths, such as those from the ancient, pre-Hellenistic Arcadian peoples, regarding humans having been around during the time before the Moon orbited the Earth. This article points out two more historical references. Ancient texts from Tibet point to the lost continent of Gondwana as having been founded before the Moon. Also, a Dr. P. Allen has interpreted ancient Bolivian symbols as stating that a satellite came into orbit around the Earth between 11,500 and 13,000 years ago. If accurate, this Bolivian account would match the time frame of half a revolution of the 13,000 year Zodiac calendar. This was the era that marked the beginning of the Age Of Aries, followed by the Age Of Pisces, which we are now ending and entering into the Age Of Aquarius.

Well-known sci-fi author Isaac Asimov has postulated that the Moon is too large to simply be caught by the Earth’s gravity. Taken into account with the Moon’s perfectly circular orbit around the Earth, and its stationary, non-rotating position, the Moon does not match any of the typical characteristics of any other known moons.

According to the work of Zechariah Sitchin, the Moon originally orbited the planet Tiamat along with ten other moons. After a great battle on Tiamat, the planet was split in two. One half was shattered, while the other became Earth. Tiamat’s moon Kingu became our Moon as we know it. While I am willing to entertain any theory, I must point out that this would not explain the great disparity in the ages of the Earth (4.6 billion years), Moon rocks (5.3 billion years) and Moon dust (6 billion years).

Ah, here is one of the greatest coincidences that the Moon offers to us. Our Sol is 864,000 miles in diameter, while the Moon is a mere 2,160 miles. How is it that during a lunar eclipse, the Moon perfectly blocks out the sun’s entire form? No other planet has a moon that does this so efficiently. This cannot be a simple coincidence because it is too mathematically precise. Therefore, there must be a specific purpose for the exact placement of the Moon. What that purpose is can be debated, but at this moment I’m leaning toward the Moon blocking cosmic vibrations, as David Icke has suggested, or my own idea that the Moon might be using events such as eclipses to send stronger than usual vibrations, that is to say updated programming, down to Earth beings.

Let me pause here to mention another concept. Recently, I’ve become aware of Purple Dawn Theory. In this scenario, the gas giant planets are immense eggs filled with a sort of cosmic embryonic fluid. Smaller, terrestrial planets are formed within the gas giants. When these new planets are ready to hatch, or to be born, the gas giant releases them into the solar system. This would explain why a great many ancient civilizations saw the planet Saturn as being the first sun hovering over the Earth, because according to the theory, it was Saturn that gave birth to Earth. Once Earth was ejected, Sol nabbed it and put it into orbit, and gave us the solar system we presently have. Also, this may relate to how the gas giants have numerous moons, while the terrestrial planets usually have much fewer.

There is a further anomaly regarding the rocks on the moon: they don’t rust! The prevailing scientific wisdom is that heavier rocks tend to sink, and should be found in the Moon’s interior. Instead, heavier rocks are found on the Moon’s surface. The proposed theory is that ‘refractory compounds were brought to the moon’s surface in great quantity in some unknown way.’ It’s only an unknown way from the isolationist point of view, since one of the earlier articles I covered suggest that the Moon was / is a spaceship. Under this premise, of course you would put a ton of strong, rust-proof material on the surface to withstand cosmic and belligerent bombardment, and if you expected that spaceship to float around in space for millions or perhaps even billions of years.

Further, many Moon rocks are magnetized. The quick answer, but not the only answer, is that the Earth gave these rocks their polarity. The rebuttal is that if this were so, Earth’s stronger magnetism would have destroyed the Moon eons ago.

20 to 40 miles below the surface of the Moon, are what scientists are calling ‘mascons.’ These are located in the center of large seas, or marias, of smooth, molten rock, and are said to be disc-shaped. The mascons were first discovered when it was observed that the paths of objects flying over them became distorted. It is thought that large meteorites of iron ore crashed into the Moon’s surface when it was soft and pliable.

Really? Let’s discount this soft and pliable notion right away. In a previous article, it was pointed out that meteors crash wide holes on the Moon, but these holes are not very deep. Also, we’ve seen that magnetic anomalies are present on the Moon that prevent the sun’s rays from affecting the surface, which may be these very same disc-shaped areas. They’re both in the marias, aren’t they? Next, in this article, we are told that hard rocks were brought and scattered all over the surface of the Moon, as in sprinkled through unknown means. Personally, I’m leaning more to this being done by sentient beings than a cosmic, natural car wash.

Let’s speculate a bit, and wonder if these might be some type of propulsion units, which would have to necessarily be electromagnetic in nature. This would conform with Electric Universe Theory. Also, we have similar anomalies on the surface of the Earth. They are the magnetic anomalies at Hudson Bay, which is strong enough to affect compasses in the entire Northern Hemisphere. We also have the Bermuda Triangle, The Zone Of Silence in Chihuahua, Mexico, and over many crop circles, verified electromagnetic variations that cause instrument disruption or failure in the boats that pass through or the small planes and helicopters that fly over them.

In 1958, Russian astronomer Kozyrev reported a red glow and gaseous explosions on the Moon. In 1963, members of Lowell University observed a red glow on the crests in the Aristarchus region. Seismographs left by the Apollo missions at six different sites picked up a great deal of activity until they stopped functioning in 1977. The simple, and very unimaginative explanations were volcanoes on the Moon. When is the last time you heard of a volcano erupting on the Moon? In light of the hologram fluctuation recorded 9 times now by Crrow777 and other astronomers, I call this selling the public 10 pounds of bullshit in a 5 pound bag. I’ve got a better explanation, and some of the videos I’ve posted on my blog will bear this out: the Moon was being mined before, and is being mined right now, as we speak.

During an eclipse early in the 19th Century, astronomer John Hershel observed strange lights during an eclipse. These lights were moving and said to be on and just above the Moon. Other astronomers have reported witnessing the layout of what appeared to them to be city streets. In July of 1959, John O’Neill reported seeing a 19 kilometer bridge over the crater Mare Crisium. One month later, a Dr. Wilkins from Britain confirmed this. In the 1960s, NASA was getting so many reports of strange lights flashing on the Moon, that they began Operation Moonblink. In 12 months, they compiled a catalog of 28 ‘unusual moon events.’ In 1966, the Shard was discovered, which rises above the surface of the Moon by 2.5 kilometers above the Ukert area, and that entire area rises about 8 kilometers from the Sinus Medii region around it. Radio beacon or ancient lighthouse anyone?

Let’s move on to the hollow Moon. In 1969, Apollo 12 sent a spent rocket module crashing down to the Moon’s surface. Sensitive seismic equipment located 40 miles away registered the impact, which rose to a peak after 8 minutes and lasted for 40 minutes. Apollo 13 crashed a rocket module with the equivalent impact of 11 tons of TNT, or dynamite. This time, the Moon was described as ringing like a ‘gong,’ and the ringing lasted 3 hours and 20 minutes. However, in 1972, a meteor with an estimated impact the equivalent of 200 tons of TNT crashed on the Moon. This time, unexpectedly, there was no reverberation or ringing picked up. Strange, huh? Could this have been a disguised spaceship coming in for a soft landing?

There are so many glows, flashes, mists and other illuminated phenomena reported, that the term Lunar Transient Phenomena, or LTP, has been coined to encompass them all.

In 1787, William Herschel reported 3 white spots on the Moon, which he thought were volcanoes. In 1822, Franz Gruithuisen claimed to have discovered a Moon city, but this was later found to be a series of ridges. In the early 20th Century, W.H. Pickering took the time to map out the canals on the Moon. He noted the changing landscape on the Moon, and how the canals seemed to intersect at mysterious darker spots, and much like the canals observed on Mars a few decades before. Among his more outlandish claims, Pickering claimed to have observed vegetation, riverbeds, geysers or volcanoes, and even the migration of animals or insects. In 1942, William Haas observed a ‘milky luminosity’ on the wall of Tycho crater, and in 1949 F. Thorton saw a ‘puff of whitish vapor.’

In July of 1882, a number of the residents of Lebanon, Connecticut, witnessed a very strange occurrence. Two glowing pyramid-shaped structures appeared on the top limb, or top edge of the Moon, giving the Moon the silhouette of a horned owl. After a short time, these anomalies vanished, with the right side fading away first. About 3 minutes later, two black, triangular notches were seen on the moon’s lower half. These notches moved along the bottom edge of the Moon, and caused such a visible disruption of the Moon’s surface that witnesses thought a quarter of the Moon was being obliterated. When the notches moved close enough together to touch, the appearance of the Moon was restored to normal. Apparently, another pyramid-shaped anomaly was seen in 1519, but no further detail is given.

In 1912, a Dr. F.B. Harris reported a ‘black body’ visible on a cusp of the Moon, which I take to be a point on its crescent. He estimates this body to have been 250 miles long and 50 miles wide, judging from the distance from one cusp to the other to have been 2,000 miles long.

(Source: Cities Found On The Moon) The next article in the collection starts off with the statement that both Russia and the United States have released information about alien beings and structures, but these findings have been deliberately kept vague and misleading in order to gauge the public reaction to them. Apparently, it has been decided that people are not ready to come to terms with the idea that they are not alone in the universe, and so no new information has been distributed. I will go as far as saying that there is proof that Russia was forthcoming about how they lost the two Phobos satellites while investigating Mars, and the Mars moon named Phobos. Russian astronomers released pictures of a grid-like system of structures the size of Los Angeles on Mars, and of two long and immense spaceships, one casting a long shadow on Mars, and the second that was pictured near the Phobos moon, right before contact was lost with the satellite Phobos II. Research Mars and Phobos anomalies to learn more.

A further point is made that UFO researchers, such as Richard Hoagland, claim that NASA smudges pictures before they are released to the public. Now, I find some of the personalities in the field of UFO research to be a mixed bag. I don’t like researchers who make fantastic claims and don’t produce tangible results, in order to gain fame or to sell books. I don’t like deathbed confessions, and I don’t like claims that so and so is an authority in the field because they once worked in a top secret facility, yet they cannot prove they formerly held a high-level security clearance, or that they even worked where they claim they did. Having said that, there are several UFO researchers who have died under suspicious circumstances, and among them are people who claimed to have been involved in underground bases where violent confrontations took place between Men and Aliens.

As far as NASA smudging pictures, I can state with some confidence that NASA has smudged pictures of every single location in space that a satellite or rover has ever landed. Alternative research is rife with examples of this.

According to the article, NASA has listed finding strange artifacts in 44 regions on the Moon. These range from domed structures to roads and tunnels. In Rimahadley, a tall, D-shaped wall is said to exist. In Tiho Crater, there are said to be terraces made of rock and tunnels reminiscent of mines. In Copernicus Crater, a transparent dome that glows in blue and white has been discovered, along with other structures that are referred to as the Factory. Apollo 10 is said to have pictured a structure one mile high, made up of several cylindrical pieces. Some of these pieces are transparent, and strange enough that Hoagland has named the structure the Castle. After NASA showed the pictures of the Castle to the public, Hoagland made a request to see the originals a second time. Running true to form, NASA has refused, and removed the pictures and any mention of them from their archives. The only pictures that still exist of the Castle are from the exterior and at a distance, but all the ones showing the interior have been hidden away somewhere. Thanks, NASA!

The crew of Apollo 12 reported that a hovering, pyramid-shaped object observed their landing. It was said to shine with all the colors of the rainbow against the black sky behind it. Astronauts traveling to the Sea Of Storms saw objects they called ‘striped glasses.’ One former employee at the Houston Space Center claimed to Hoagland that NASA was ‘very annoyed’ that so many anomalies were found on the Moon. The article states that investigators studying the Moon have seen square and rectangular structures that look like Earth cities, as seen from a height of 5 to 8 kilometers.

The article concludes by stating that even today, people are still not psychologically ready to acknowledge the existence of extraterrestrial beings.


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