Before The Moon 04 – Article Reviews By Raymond Towers

Before The Moon Existed – Article 4

Biblioteca Pleiades Speculation

By Raymond Towers

In Part 1 of this series, I covered an introduction into this unorthodox subject, where I noted what is known about the composition of Earth, Mars, and the Moon. I went as far as suggesting that based on the similarity of what is found on the surfaces of both Mars and the Moon, perhaps the two planetary bodies were struck at the same time and during the same cosmic event. An alternative idea that falls under the Electric Universe Theory is that extreme electrical discharges might have also disrupted the atmospheres of those bodies and destroyed all life there, if there was any life on them to begin with.

In Part 2, I quoted a number of historians, most of them from ancient Greece, and with the greater majority of them referring to the even more ancient Arcadians, who existed before the Hellenes made their appearance in Greece. I also referred to the intriguing videos made by diligent amateur astronomer Crrow777, regarding incredible findings such as a holographic projection being maintained over the surface of the moon to prevent modern man from witnessing what is taking place up there.

Part 3 was a last minute add-on. The information was highly technical and provided by Russian scientist Khatib Alexander (also referred to as Hadybow). I only stumbled upon it thanks to watching a recent video by Crrow777. Most of my following articles will focus primarily on speculation with some mention of scientific observation and fact, but without many of the technical aspects.

In this continuing article, I will focus on speculation being put forth by researchers from various fields. Most of these researchers are largely ignored, and some are even ridiculed by those that blindly subscribe to whatever information the mainstream media, modern academia, or so-called educated specialists decide is appropriate to give to the masses. Without a doubt, there are living beings on Mars, the Mars’ moon Phobos, Comet P67, and our own Luna, and those are only the few that I’ve taken the time to research. Also, with the sole exception of Mars, I believe these other smaller objects to be artificial, as in free-floating and intelligently manned humonguous spacecraft.

(Source: David Icke’s Moon Matrix Theory Explained) As I’ve recently viewed a couple of videos on this subject featuring David Icke, I’ll start with an article focusing on Icke’s book titled The Moon Matrix Theory Explained. In this article, the author mentions some of Icke’s conclusions. First of all, humanity was once much more Enlightened than we are today, in a period of time the ancient Greeks called ‘The Golden Age.’ This idea can be well corroborated through many sources, including ancient Egypt, and through the Indian, Mayan and Native American concepts of great cycles or ages, where man goes from being savage to intelligent to Enlightened, and back again to savage. Next, Icke’s claim is that beings he calls the Reptilians have taken away our ability to become Enlightened. His idea is that the sun provides the energy required for our spiritual growth and maturity. The Reptilians are using the Moon to pull away much of the sun’s photons and therefore keep us with minimal awareness of who we as human beings really are. Further, the claim is made that the Reptilians have developed a way to breed themselves into human bodies, and through this process they have become the Illuminati that control our banking system, our politicians, our world religions, and through those venues they control the entire world.

Again, and through my own research, I tend to follow many of these same ideas. There is plenty of evidence that a huge cabal of corrupt people, with advanced knowledge of science and magic, do in fact control nearly everything around us. These ‘people’ are even now attempting to come up with ways to further control our thoughts and actions. Also, I believe that the Illuminati have discovered a way to keep their ugly, black souls within their own bloodlines. There is a rumor that ultra high level Masons, much higher than level 33, can trace their lineage back to the age of early Babylon. Masons clearly boast that their founder was none other than the Biblical King Solomon. I agree with a lot of what Icke is stating, and while I have done some research into Reptilians and Shape-shifters, I still haven’t entirely made up my mind as to whether these types of creatures truly exist as physical beings. On the other hand, I have as much personal experience with demonic spirits as a typical exorcist, so I cannot easily discount Icke’s contention that Reptilians may come from other dimensions parallel to Earth.

(Source: The Cosmic Firewall And The Moon Matrix) In a second article, Icke states that the Moon is an artificial structure that has been anchored to orbit around Earth. He calls it a supercomputer or ‘eye in the sky.’ As in the first article, Icke compares what the Moon is doing to humanity to a firewall on a computer, which filters certain data and prevents other data from coming in. He also states that the control system within the Moon is clamping down harder than before, because too many people are becoming aware of it. An interesting tidbit is the origin of the word ‘lunatic,’ which derives from the Latin luna, or moon, and centers on the belief that changes in the Moon cause intermittent insanity.

(Source: Deflector Shields Protect The Lunar Surface) Potentially related to this idea of solar photon disruption is a report from the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the UK. Scientists from RAL claim they’ve solved the mystery of lunar swirls, or electromagnetic anomalies. In this case, these small pockets of electricity, than can measure up to tens of miles in size, deflect and prevent solar wind from striking the surface of the Moon. They are so effective that the surface directly underneath these swirls stays in a lighter color, while unprotected lunar soil is much darker. It makes me wonder what might be hidden underneath the Moon’s surface that could produce such anomalies. Is it natural or artificial?

(Source: Is The Moon A Creation Of Intelligence?) The next article starts off with the three generally accepted hypotheses for the origin of the Moon.

  1. The Moon was once part of the Earth, but it somehow broke off.
  2. The Moon was formed from the same cloud of dust and gas as the Earth.
  3. The Moon drifted by on its way to a cosmic party, until it was captured by the Earth’s gravity and forced to stay.

The author uses scientific data to refute the first two hypotheses. The specific gravity between the Moon and Earth, and the specific composition of their rocks is too different for them to have formed from the same material. I’ll add to this that ancient peoples said there was no Moon at first, and then there was. It would be incredibly foolish to discount what people from past ages claimed to see in the heavens. Say the ancients thought they saw a fire-breathing dragon flying by, and they jot down a certain year or period of time when they saw it. It sounds incredible at first, until astronomers discover a recurring comet with a long tail, and trace its revolutions back to near the same time the ancients saw their spectacle. The Moon, on the other hand, is not just a mere comet.

Ancient Arcadian Joe: Hey, Harry, will you take a look at that thing?

Ancient Arcadian Harry: What the hell is that?

Ancient Arcadian Joe: I don’t know, but it wasn’t there yesterday!

Ancient Arcadian Harry: I think it’s kind of cool. Let’s go tell everybody to come outside and take a look at it!

The third hypothesis, about the Earth just reaching out and nabbing a huge object such as our Moon, is just ridiculous. This is an apologist grasping at straws after his other sorry explanations have been debunked, and he’s still trying to save face to look like he knows what he’s talking about.

Try this experiment. Have a friend fire off a pellet gun and try to catch the pellet while it’s in motion. Think you can do it? No, you can’t. All these comets that come zipping by the Earth are moving at 3,600 kilometers per hour, on average. Wouldn’t the Moon be moving at a pretty fast clip, too? Or would it come tiptoeing by instead? And since they’re so much smaller than the Moon is, it should be no problem for the Earth’s gravity to catch a couple of comets and keep them in orbit. How many comets has the Earth captured that are swirling around out planet now? None that we know of. Oh, but comets would come crashing down to the surface! Really? Why didn’t the Moon come crashing down to the surface then? Logically, the Moon should have kept going right on by the Earth without being captured by Earth’s gravity. If anything, the Moon’s trajectory might have been altered, but it should be long gone by now. There is no way possible that it naturally slowed down and just parked itself in orbit.

And just how many Moon-sized objects have we seen drifting around on solitary strolls through our solar system? Well, zero. That’s right, all we see are comparatively tiny comets and meteors. The funny thing is, a lot of the more recent comets have been observed accelerating, slowing down and changing directions while they’re way out in space. As Crrow777 has pointed out, a lot of our recent comets don’t look anything like they did the last time they came flying by, and he’s got the pictures to prove it. Are they really the same comets, or an alien intelligence out on patrol?

The article’s author goes on to state that he believes the Moon might be an artificial satellite. His questions are: Who could have built it and why? As to who; it would have to be a Type II Civilization, which would have the technology to travel among the stars, and to make use of the energy or material found on multiple planets. As to why, here are the author’s ideas:

Noah’s Ark – In this scenario, the Moon would necessarily have to be hollow, which would help explain why its specific gravity of 3.3 is so much lower than Earth’s 5.5. This empty space would be used for transporting a heck of a lot of beings, a regenerating life support system, a vast amount of fuel, or say they use something commonly found out in space like hydrogen as fuel, a huge engine and propulsion system, and whatever other things these beings would think most important. These aliens could then park their ship in orbit and come down to Earth to mingle with us humans. Or maybe they’d just conquer us like the Sumerian Annunaki are said to have done.

Do we have evidence of this? Yup, all over the world, too. For example, the Incas have their serpent god, Quetzalcoatl, the Bible has its fallen angels and their leader Satan, who is described as a serpent and a dragon, and places like Babylon, Canaan, China and Sumeria have a half-man, half-fish dude named Dagon. All of these cultures spoke of these new arrivals bringing great scientific knowledge with them. You’ll notice that these beings all have scales in common, which goes back to David Icke and his Reptilian theory.

A Battleship – Russian physicist Stanyukovich made some calculations. A meteor coming in at six miles wide, at something like 30 miles per second, would make a crater 24 to 30 miles deep. Why then, are all of the craters on the Moon only 1.2 to 2 miles deep? Some of the larger craters on the Moon are 60 miles wide, but only 2 miles deep. One of the biggest ones is 148 miles wide, and again, only 2 miles deep. That, dear reader, is called armor plating. The metals found on the Moon just happen to be resistant to heat, are able to take a pounding and to ward of cosmic radiation. Some of the rocks on the Moon are said to be even older than the Earth. How’s that for a head scratcher? The Moon might have been out cruising the universe and getting attacked by its enemies, well before the Earth even existed!

(Source: The Function Of The Moon, translated from the Spanish La Funcion De La Luna. The information in this article is stated as having been channeled by a medium.)

According to this next article, the Moon is an artificial satellite inhabited and run by a consortium of alien beings and in contact with what we know as the New World Order. The Moon has always been inhabited and is nothing like what we’ve been presented with by the media. It’s more like a computerized command center, with an array of functions, such as being a testing ground for new weaponry, a spaceport for discrete comings and goings, and a place for the exchange of political and technical information. I’m being reminded of the space terminal in the first Men In Black pop movie here.

Subterranean cities are located on many levels, and are inhabited by humanoids and ‘three-dimensional’ humans. The author states that these 3D people are the creations of a number of scientists, engineers, physicians, systems analysts and psychics sent to the Moon expressly for the purpose of developing these 3D people. Apparently, 3D people are too complex to build under the conditions of our Hologram Earth. Various prototypes have already been developed, but glitches or problems in their make-up have prevented them from being sent to occupy Earth. Colonies of normal humans also exist on the Moon, and these are mostly made up of the families of the professionals sent to work there.

A sort of inter-dimensional portal has been created to serve as a gateway between the Lunar cities and the Hologram deception that envelops Earth. Further, the dark and unseen side of the Moon is said to contain docking areas for starships, as well as having service bays for repair work.

The New World order is said to be constantly developing new technologies on the Moon. These have included cell phones, computer parts, medical equipment and chemical advances, among other things. These are tested and perfected, before the technology is forward into our physical world, as opposed to the non-physical Moon that is said to be a digital or cybernetic world. Is this why astronomer Crrow777 has filmed and collected so many Lunar Waves, or Moon-wide digital flickers?

Here’s another idea that I’ve heard vaguely mentioned a couple of times before. Earth originally had two satellite moons, and both of these natural bodies were destroyed before our current Moon took their place. This was to conceal the large spaceport and to prevent the people on Earth from witnessing the arrival and departure of so many alien spacecraft.

The Moon, as a way station or stopping point, monitors the arrival and approach of alien races from other parts of the cosmos. It works in conjunction with ships in our solar system, where they warn each other of incoming races who have been banned on Earth or who are not welcome here.

The purpose of the Moon is to maintain the illusion of our 3D Hologram Earth through projection, calibration and qualification of electromagnetic and electro-physical energy in a specific quantity, volume and density.

The author goes on to mention that two missiles were detonated on the Moon in October of 2009. I’d heard this rumor as well, but as far as my research, the official line is that an empty rocket segment was crashed into the lunar surface, ostensibly to search for water, which I in no way believe to be the truth. The reason for this attack on the Moon, the article states, is because the balance of power is shifting away from the New World Order on Earth, to the New World Order and the alien consortium working together on the Moon.

NASA’s job was to convince the world that no such attack had taken place, and thus the fabrication that they were looking for water on the Moon was created. To add to that, NASA’s true mission was never to inform the public of anything. Instead, their objectives are to control what the public does and does not know, to misinform the public, to serve the interests of the New World Order, and to open up the sealed star-gates located on this planet. These first three mission objectives I completely agree with, and while there have been rumors of active star-gates in various places, such as in Iraq, Puma Punku or in the Gulf of Adin, I’m just as much in the dark as anyone else as to whether these things even exist.


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