False Flag Virginia: A Closer Look At Awkward GOP Baseball Video

This was a practice game, right? So to field a baseball team, you need 9 players. That’s a lot of senators that sent their security details home, don’t you think, and relied on one guy’s staff. You’d think you would see a row of black SUVs with bulletproof windows somewhere in this video, but the joker who took it didn’t pan around very much.

If that was me, I would be talking the entire time I was recording. This is so and so, I’m at this place and it is this time. I have a shooter here, and it appears that we’ve got one man down, etc. I would not be standing there with my thumb up my ass while listening to shot after shot after shot. Know what I mean?

Several YT comments mention how the dog wasn’t barking or making any noise. Dogs can smell fear and danger, right?


Title: Truth About GOP Baseball Shooting  (YT link) Uploaded by Trust One News 2.


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