False Flag Grenfell: Same Crisis Actor Bitch Plays 2 Different Parts

she has a lip ring. that’s a big no no in muslim culture. – Johnny Supertramp 3

Not only did she change her story, she also changed names. The one in the blue headscarf is called “Majid Freeman” and the other version of this crisis actor is called “Amina Sharif.” The first time I saw Amina I immediately suspected she was a crisis actor by the way she looks straight into the camera. This just confirms 100% that she is indeed a crisis actor. Case closed! – News Buster

There is a video of a woman named DJ ISLA who put community together to bring food and clothing to fire victims but she says there were no victims. The Red Cross didn’t even show up. Nobody died or everybody died. I say nobody. – J Sherlock


YT description: What I Think Happened During The London Fire


Title: London Fire Crisis Actor Caught Changing Her Story! (YT link) Uploaded by Trust One News 2.


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